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Disturbingly, many Anon-IB customers’ IP addresses can be linked to U.S. Government offices — as Einar Otto Stangvik, a Norwegian investigative journalist and ethical hacker, lately discovered after amassing 600,000 IP addresses from online and offline copies of Anon-IB making use of software he wrote. Stangvik tells me he believes the quantity of energetic Anon-IB customers to be “within the high tens of enormous quantities.”

Taking skills of the opportunity to be nameless, these customers post their “wins” (as these express graphics had been termed through folks who search and unfold them) and solicit “wins” from others on the web site’s many neighborhood-unique message boards. The site also hosts other forms of nonconsensual pornography, like “creepshots,” “celeb fakes,” and “x-ray.” (The latter two classes describe selfies and other photographs that are Photoshopped to seem just like the character in them is undressed and/or engaged in a pornographic act.) pictures posted on Anon-IB and similar sites (“chan” boards, subreddits, and even gaming communities) in general make their approach to extra public places like Tumblr, Twitter, and facebook.

Anon-IB threads in which customers solicit nude snap shots of their peers (pixelated by means of the author).
Posting, possessing, or doctoring pics to create child pornography is a federal crime. However when you’re an adult, and living in one of the most 13 states with out laws that explicitly address nonconsensual pornography, you can also not have much in the way of legal defense when you discover a personal photo of yours on a web page like Anon-IB. One of the crucial website online’s victims and their lawyers have discovered that copyright legislation supports their proper to have their images taken down, but that’s about it. Growth on a federal bill about revenge porn has been limited so far.

Anon-IB handiest hosts a restricted amount of content material at a time, which means that historical photos disappear after a particular amount of latest content is posted. But because of how difficult it can be to get one’s picture taken down (and how effortlessly it may be downloaded and reposted or shared to new platforms), some ladies’s photos have been on these boards for years.

Now of their mid-twenties, some victims are nonetheless coping with express snap shots they took for their first boyfriends, downloaded by using Anon-IB users and now unfold across the net. It nonetheless terrifies me to think just how effortlessly I could have been one in every of them.

When my pix confirmed up on Anon-IB, I was once highly lucky. The graphics of me — pulled from my fb and posted on a thread referred to as “university Bitches” — were not “wins”; in other phrases, they weren’t nudes. One was once a selfie that I had taken even as mendacity on my belly in my buddy’s yard, propped myself up in a way so that my shoulders and the highest of my chest would be seen. Another was a Photobooth image I had taken on my new MacBook at age 17, sitting on my bed in a spring costume with my first-rate buddy.