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16 Of The Dumbest People On Facebook Will Make You Feel Infinitely Smarter

The Internet is full of people. These people come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and levels of intellect…or lack thereof. However, never in history was there ever an easier time for the rest of us to enjoy the funny things said by the lowest common denominator.

You probably don”t think about it, but these people (who, surprise, don”t think) also post on Facebook. Thankfully, we have some good samaritans taking screenshots, and we”ll never be out of things to make us all laugh. I just feel bad for these people and their lack of awareness/education/reason.

Ok, feeling gone. Commence to laughing!

1. You should think before typing.

You should think before typing.

2. “Someone not love speaking lots.”

3. I promise this totally works.

I promise this totally works.

4. Put him to pasture.

5. Space. The stupid frontier.

6. Monday”s not looking so good for her.

7. A winner is you!

A winner is you!

8. Let”s see where we stand in 10 months.

9. Mind. Blown.

Mind. Blown.

10. And yet there”s people dying to adopt, but can”t.

11. She”s working something alright.

12. Parenting 101.

Parenting 101.

13. Too bad she”ll never be in that position again.

14. Mind over matter.

Mind over matter.

15. Hmm. Cow or turkey. Doesn”t matter.

16. I”m pretty sure poking holes must be illegal.

(via Guff)

I”m pretty sure the people at Facebook didn”t see this coming when it first made waves around the Internet. Then again, I”m sure these users didn”t see any witty retorts coming since they were confident enough to post to Facebook in the first place.