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13 Nude Scenes You Might Have Missed From 2013

2014 will be a big year for silver screen nudity, with Lars Von Triers sex-crazed Nymphomaniac set to make a big splash, or at least an uncomfortable wet patch, in cinemas when it arrives. Weve already been treated to one trailer, and needless to say, expectations couldnt be any more erotically charged, even if the sexual element looks horribly clinical and reductive (which is no doubt Von Triers intention.)

But before that film lands, with its frank and blatant portrait of graphic sex, and in the name of celebrating the art and craft of subtle sexuality, were following up last years 10 Nude Scenes You Might Have Missed From 2012 with a compendium of the finest examples from the past twelve months, as they come to an end.

This was of course the year that Scarlett Johansson played a sexed-up alien, but that would be too easy a mention, so, whether taken from obscure films, or TV shows, or blink-and-youd-miss-it instances, these are the moments that had fans peering closer at the cinema or reaching for the pause button.

1) Laura Prepon Orange Is The New Black

That 70s Show has now spawned two sex pots in the shape of Mila Kunis and now Laura Prepon, the Scientologist and former girl-next-door girlfriend of Topher Graces Eric, who was always over-achieving (probably thanks to his sweet basement.)

Counter to her light-hearted role in the nostalgic comedy, Prepon has made strides in cutting a darker image for herself in subsequent projects firstly with the disturbing true crime story Karla, and now (after a gap of almost eight years) with Netflix exclusive Orange Is The New Black.

Regular TV viewers will no doubt get to see the show on TV eventually, but when it initially screened, the only option was on Netflix, meaning a significant chunk of the entertainment devouring world missed out on the chance to see Prepon graduate from girl-next-door to tattoo-emblazoned prison-vixen next door in one of the most satisfying reinventions in TV history, including a memorable first episode shower sequence, opposite Taylor Schilling.