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11 Signature Korean Action Movies That Competing Hollywood Movies

Hollywood may be known for its action movies, however Korea is adept either when it comes to thrilling, action loaded films.Here are 11 Korean action films that might match a Hollywood production.1. My Other half is a Gangster

Launched in 2001, My Other half is a Gangster follows a female gang employer who needs to get married, as it’s her dying sibling’s last desire. The motion picture also has 2 sequels, launched in 2003 and 2006.2. The Male from No place Among Korea’s most popular films, The Guy from Nowhere

follows a previous black-ops soldier who does whatever he can to rescue a kidnapped child, who is also the only person he can get in touch with.3. The Outlaws The Outlaws is based upon a genuine event, the 2007 Heuksapa Incident, and informs the story about a growing grass war between 2 gangs and the police who attempt to intervene. It was the Fourth most popular Korean film of 2017.4. The Burglars A heist film, The Burglars and its star-studded cast work together to take the most valuable diamond they will ever see, however each of the thieves also have their own specific plans. The Thieves is the 6th highest grossing Korean movie ever.5. The Pirates The Pirates follows a group of outlaws who attempt to seek out the whale that swallows the Min Emperor’s Seal while it remained in transit from China to Joseon. On the method,

the outlaws encounter pirates, where the experience begins.6. Veteran The Fourth greatest earning movie in Korean history, Veteran follows a detective who is examining a case when it is exposed a chaebol beneficiary is influencing the whole case behind the scenes.

Armed with wealth, the investigator has a hard time to catch the chaebol.7. The Villainess Getting a 4 minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival, The Villainess follows a lady who is trained to be a killer since she was a child.

After getting an offer where she can start a regular life after 10 more years of killing, she starts to recognize, living normally is challenging.8. Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds Korea’s biggest smash hit film of 2017, Along with the Gods is also presently the Second highest grossing movie in history. Following the trials of a firemen as he

aims to travel through hell and into heaven, the follow up is set up to be launched in the summertime of 2018.9. A Special Woman A Special Girl is a movie about a woman who becomes second in command of a gang and battles versus society to protect her kid. She simply wishes to retire from her gang life and live normally, however is not able to do so due to both her own gang and the prosecution.10. Asura: The City

of Insanity Asura is a criminal offense action thriller that follows a corrupt investigator that does dirty work for the city’s mayor. As he gets cornered by an identified prosecutor, things become unforeseeable in a city where just wicked comes out on

top.11. Fabricated City In a world

where criminal offenses are entirely made up to get prominent authorities and their households from problem, a jobless gamer becomes the most recent victim framed for murder, and deals with his video gaming crew to reveal the mastermind and clear his name.