In what has become unofficially known as “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” lots of people on the left have absolutely lost their minds and have been taken in by hatred for President Donald Trump.That visceral hate has been shown on numerous celebrations by specific individuals over the previous few years, but one Hollywood actor just enabled his straight-out enmity to cross a line with offensive tweets that ought to have been extensively condemned by everyone throughout the political spectrum … however which have gone largely unmentioned among the left.That Hollywood leftist is Peter Fonda– child of legendary star Henry Fonda and brother of anti-American traitor Jane– who participated in a Twitter rant Wednesday that led to the Secret Service being alerted about the sickening hazards he had posted.Fonda recommended that Trump’s youngest boy Barron be abducted and locked in a cage with pedophiles, called for Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to be beaten and raped in public, demanded White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders ‘kids be removed from her and required the stalking and harassment of Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, as well as their children.According to Twitchy, Fonda had actually posted in a now-deleted all-caps tweet,”WE OUGHT TO HACK THIS SYSTEM, GET THE ADDRESSES OF THE ICE AGENTS CBP AGENTS AND SURROUND THEIR HOMES IN PROTEST. WE OUGHT TO LEARN WHAT SCHOOLS THEIR KIDS GO TO AND SURROUND THE SCHOOLS IN DEMONSTRATION. THESE AGENTS ARE DOING THIS CUZ THEY WISH TO DO IT. THEY LIKE DOING THIS. F *** “Hollywood actor and conservative firebrand James Woods wasn’t ready to let any of that slide. In action to the tweets about surrounding the homes of ICE and Border Patrol representatives– in addition to

the schools of their children– Woods fired back,”Fix me if I’m wrong, but prompting the stalking of kids in California is a felony.”Should Peter Fonda be condemned by the left for these questionable tweets? One would presume that the stalking of children is still a felony in the state of California, but offered the state’s increasing tendency for legalizing criminal actions, such an assumption is no longer a given.Fonda has already erased his other extremely offensive posts which

reeked of misogyny and pedophilia– where are all the leftists who supposedly stand up for the rights of women and children?– that targeted Barron and very first lady Melania Trump, in addition to Nielsen and Sanders.But Woods offered

screenshots of those horrifically specific posts that had actually been captured prior to removal, and shared them with the caption, “This is Peter Fonda, in case you missed this … “According to Fox News, Fonda has actually given that excused this series of extremely improper tweets, even as it was shown to be the latest in a long history of inflammatory political commentary by the star.”I tweeted something extremely improper and vulgar about the president and his household in action to the devastating images I was seeing on television. Like many Americans, I am extremely impassioned and troubled over the circumstance with kids separated from their families at the border, however I went way too far,”Fonda said in a statement.”It was wrong and I should not have

done it. I immediately regretted it and sincerely ask forgiveness to the household for what I said and any hurt my words have actually caused,” he added.Sony Photos, which lags a new movie including Fonda that is about to be launched, provided a declaration condemning his tweets that targeted government authorities and innocent children, however said it wasn’t going to pull or modify Fonda’s scenes in the movie, as that would not be fair to the other actors and team who dealt with it.Funny, that concern for the other actors and team wasn’t on screen when Roseanne Barr crossed the line with a tweet and had her show counteracted from under her.The left’s double requirements survive on in all of its revolting and suspicious “glory.”Facebook has greatly lowered the circulation of our stories in our readers’newsfeeds and is instead