While lots of were celebrating the Fourth of July vacation with friends and family, Hollywood snobs required to social media to spread out a message of doom-and-gloom.

While insulting Independence Day and the importance of it, liberals instead wanted everybody a “Delighted Resistance Day,” and apologized to the world for Trump.Left-wing actress Chelsea Handler claimed a majority of Americans are”ashamed “of Trump, a viewpoint not supported by current polls of the president’s approval rating, which has actually been progressively hovering around 50 percent for months.To every country on the 4th of July. We’re sorry about our president. He does not reflect all our views– and we hope you know that most of us repent. We will rally each other and come back to the world one action at a time.< a href=""> #novemberiscoming #alsosorryabouthotdogs– Chelsea Handler(@chelseahandler) July 4, 2018 Far-left filmmaker Michael Moore wanted his fans a”Happy Resistance Day, “calling

for the revolt versus the government– suggesting Trump– to continue. Moore has actually led several rallies and” uprisings”because Trump took office, all which have been utter failures.Happy Resistance Day!The revolt continues, some 242 years later.C’mon, individuals! Let’s complete this!– Michael Moore(@MMFlint) July 4, 2018 Other hardcore liberal celebs peddled similar messages, essentially promoting socialism

and smearing Trump at a time when Americans are commemorating with their buddies and family.happy birthday AMERICA! #removeTRUMPnow!.?.!— ROSIE(@Rosie) July 4, 2018 Delighted 4th of July to @Ocasio2018 & @dsam4a!.?.!! Commemorate by signing up with @DemSocialists today!!.?.!!.?.!— rob delaney(@robdelaney) July 4, 2018 On this Fourth, I’m reminded that we have actually drifted from the guaranteed path before. We left a path of & tears, counted people as three-fifths , developed camps for any who appeared like the enemy, and stoodquiet as many passed away of an afflict. Yes, love will win. But not without a battle

.– George Takei (@GeorgeTakei ) July 4, 2018 The biggest gift we can provide to America on her 242nd birthday is the survival of Democracy. The forces of authoritarianism and bigotry are combating to ruin it. Now is the time for Patriots to stand up and make our voices heard. We love you America. STAY STRONG!!!– Rob Reiner(@robreiner) July 4, 2018 On this event of this terrific nation’s Self-reliance, let us not forget that there are countless little babies that have been ripped from the security every kid should have, ripped by impulse with absolutely no plan or wherewithal to reunite them. Never forget …

— Ron Perlman (@perlmutations )

July 4, 2018 It’s the Fourth of July. Just 125 more days up until the Mid-Term elections. And if it goes the way I hope, THAT will genuinely be #INDEPENDENCEDAY!.?.!!!!– Bette Midler( @BetteMidler) July 4, 2018 Such abhorrent and repellent remarks aren’t a surprise to lots of, as the Left has been leading the #Resistance versus Trump since the day after he won the 2016 governmental election over Hillary Clinton.These very same Hollywood elites who declare to support flexibility are the very same ones who are f

unding rallies and protests that frequently turn violent, leading to uprisings throughout the country targeted at removing Trump.Americans celebrate Independence Day every year to celebrate July 4, 1776, when the Declaration

was signed and the United States became an independent nation. The holiday is suggested to honor the birth of our country, which is undoubtedly the greatest on the planet.But liberals are so blinded with hatred toward Trump that they claim America is dreadful with Trump in power. Ahead of crucial midterm elections, Trump and Republicans are promoting numerous major achievements and a flourishing nation.

Democrats are calling for revolts and removing Trump from office. ** Follow Martin on Facebook