Chris Pratt is not your typical actor. He is a proud Christian and he often shares that fact with the public. This goes completely against the self-absorbed grain of Hollywood. How he parents his young son is proof that this A-list actor stands out among his peers.

When he’s not working in Tinseltown, Pratt takes refuge on his farm. Much to the chagrin of vegans, Pratt raises livestock for food. It also gives him the opportunity to raise his young son Jack outside of the Hollywood bubble. Jack was premature and spent time in the NICU after his birth. Now, he’s exploring the world with his dad.

On the farm, the 5-year-old is free of the paparazzi that chase his father and he has the benefit of seeing nature as his playground. Pratt recently revealed he is taking a 6-month-hiatus to spend time with his family so we look forward to seeing more posts of him exploring the world with his son.

The Avengers star recently shared an Instagram post of Jack and himself watching as a very old tree was being cut down. The tree had stood there since 1837, but it will soon become furniture. The tree was struck by lightning and Pratt wanted to repurpose it before it rotted completely. This is the cycle of nature that Jack is learning at a young age to appreciate. Jack will now understand that trees have many purposes and when it’s time for one to leave the ground, others can be planted in its place.

Pratt is a hands-on man. While he needed assistance taking the tree down, he got to work cutting out a piece of it to be fashioned into a table. It’s hard to imagine other Hollywood pretty boys doing this.

Recently, Pratt shared his Christian faith when he accepted an MTV Award. He brought God’s message to thousands of people who would have otherwise never heard it. This is part of the “Parks and Recreation” actor’s character. He also shared with his 20 million Instagram followers a photo of a cross he built and raised on Easter.


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Chris Pratt is an actor who does things his own way. He is one of those rare types in Hollywood who embraces his patriotic and Godly beliefs publicly.

Source: Faith Wire


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