Khloe KardashianGot VIP Treatment at Cavs Game… To Support Tristan

6/7/2018 8:48 AM PDT

Khloe Kardashian Got VIP Treatment At Cavs Game To Support Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson‘s Cavs ain’t doin’ so hot, going down 0-3 to the Warriors Wednesday night … but his family?? That seems to be doing WAYYY better.

Khloe Kardashian continued to show her support for her baby’s daddy by showing up to Game 3 despite TT being a bum off the court … and kinda one on it too.

Remember, Khloe wasn’t so sure about sticking by Tristan after the cheating scandal rocked her right as their baby was being born … but, so far, she’s been ride or die with him — sportin’ the CLE shirt and getting backstage access Wednesday night.

Now … if Thompson could just figure out his on-the-court game …