It is difficult out there for a Republican star, according to Tim Allen.The actor and comedian appeared on the”Jimmy Kimmel Live! “on Friday night and made some remarks that probably will not agree with the majority of liberal Hollywood. “You got ta be real cautious around here, you understand. You’ll get batter if you don’t think what everybody thinks,”he told Kimmel.” This resembles ’30s Germany,” he said.

“I have no idea exactly what took place. If you’re not part of the group:’You know exactly what our company believe is right. ‘I go,’Well, I may have a problem with that.'”Allen was invited to the Veterans Ball in Washington, D.C., and likewise went to the inauguration of President Donald Trump.He joked that the parade following the inauguration was not exactly what he

anticipated.” It looks like a Cadillac parade. It was just rows of Cadillacs.

And my kids were like,’Is this a parade?’ “he said.”There was no marching bands.”Traveling as a comic, Allen does have some issues about the government

and being under monitoring.”One day I was thinking, if the federal government drove down the street in a gray

sedan with an electronic camera on it, you would be rioting and going to Washington,” he started.”But, its white with emojis with Google on it, you are waving at it. They are taking images of your home!””There’s a camera that browses your block! Who are these individuals ?!” he exclaimed.”I wished to put’F.U.’on my home! “Nicole Moschella, Unusual Personnel|Published on