Michelle on

Love this show and this family so much!Dale on I enjoy Chip and Joanna.

it is on.Anonymous on

They appear like such a wholesome and happy couple. Rejuvenating to see BETTY H WALKER on OUTSTANDING PROGRAM



set up to record every time it’s on. Terrific task Chip and Joanna.Just a Duck on You see the kids ‘faces every show. I ‘d be happy if I NEVER saw their kids. The show is about home

flipping, not children.Katie on

Chip and Joanna aim to live as normal a life as possible, and keep their top priorities in order, or so it appears.

Their children are more a

part of their lives than their work is, and while you se the kids for a moment in the program, they don’t exaggerate the

direct exposure, and they don’t opt to either dump their children, nor do they over expose them. Their show is extremely interesting, if you are interested in renovating and ways to pick a home, and they demonstrate excellent ideas and show how to execute those ideas.Barbara on Simply found the program … enjoy it. It’s a relief to see two individuals take pleasure in one another, and exactly what they do. Best of luck with your program. Your welcome to come over anytime and do a fixer as much as my house.Lin on They are the dream household everyone wants for. It does not hurt that their kids are just charming either.Volly on Very first time to understand this program, it appears a fascinating show.Ann J.


The only HGTV show I enjoy any longer is FixerUpper. These two are so enjoyable to enjoy and so gifted!!! Love their farm and viewing how they integrate their kids just enough to reveal exactly what a

lovely family they are.Aline on just prior to I took a look at the invoice 4$6768, I didn’t think that … my … friend had been trully erning money

in there extra time on there computar. there good friend sibling haz done this less than 20 months and resently took care of the depton

there house and got Mercedes. read > Nullz on I took pleasure in seen the show, they are so amusing in it!Anonymous on I like numerous others love the program love joanna’s style hope the stress will not get to be to similar to so numerous other shows they seem

to have such great

family and beautiful kids so much fun to watch hope it lasts for long time My favorite part of this show is Chip and Joanna and their household values. Sure, they work terrific together, and she’s a great designer, but the hook for me is that they are such a fantastic family.Jessica on A great deal of reality TV couples that began <<<<>>>> off so pleased wind up

crashing and burning because

of the limelights; let’s see how they’re doing 5 years from now.Drake lover on There child

drake is so cute Nottellingnorhing on I believe there kids are embraced. She would have to have actually been pregnant 3 strong years and there is no mention of pregnancies. No pictures of her pregnant anywhere. That’s so extremely unusual especially for that lots of pregnancies so close together. I think they’re

keeping a big trick. 4 of them to be exact!harry on That’s a lot of BS. The kids are always on the show and they show their faces all the time. Hiding them from the spotlight would suggest not having them on the program

at all. Chip and

Joanna Gaines Reveal Why They Keep Their Kids Out of the Spotlight– and Why They Might Still Go for Child No. 5// at Larsen & Talbert HGTV Stars Chip and

Joanna Gaines open about their Fixer Upper empire and why they’ll always pick family over fame. for a special interview at house with the duo, only in PEOPLE!And while their four kids– Emmie, 6, Duke, 8, Ella, 9, and Drake, 11– do periodically appear in their reality program, they’re exempt to shooting multiple takes and the Gaineses do not show their faces in photoshoots.”They’re so

young and we desire to provide the possibility to have a

normal childhood,”Joanna says in this week’s concern of PEOPLE.Watch People Cover Story: Fixer Upper’s Chip and Joanna Gaines, readily available now on the new People/Entertainment Weekly Network(PEN). Go to PEN, or download the PEN app on Apple TV, Roku Players, Amazon Fire TELEVISION, Xumo, Chromecast, iOS and Android devices.One element that helps guard & the Gaineses ‘kids from the TELEVISION world? The household doesn’t have a tv in their home.”So they do not really

understand that we have a program,”Joanna states.” Theydo not get it.”< img src=""alt ="Chip and Joanna Gaines"width =600 height =800 > Larsen & Talbert While the Gaineses certainly have their hands complete with their 40-acre farm, running< a href= target=_ blank > all their companies and 4 kids, Joanna states adding to their family isn’t really off the table. “I look at life as the more the better. If I discovered we were having another infant, I would be actually delighted,”Joanna says. “We like a full plate. That’s simply how Chip and I operate. “For far more from Chip and Joanna– including their family and life in Waco– get the latest concern of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.