Actress Alyssa Milano concerned the National Rifle Association convention in Dallas on Saturday to speak about the evils of firearms.However, a video launched on Twitter shows the anti-gun actress relied upon armed security to safeguard her.The video posted by Ben Howe shows a guy recognized as NRA member Will Haraway asking a member of Milano’s security group if he was armed.This is Will

Haraway a CCW @nra member. He asked @Alyssa_Milano’s security if he was equipped (he was) and then asked Alyssa about it. Here’s exactly what occurred. (She pertains to talk with him after this and I will publish that longer video shortly).!.?.!— Ben(@BenHowe) May 5, 2018 Is Alyssa Milano a hypocrite

about weapons? Milano’s guard was not entertained.”I’m going to ask you to leave,”the guard stated as he moved in front of Haraway and, with the two males deal with to face, walked forward as Haraway pulled back.”How far do I have to go?”Haraway asked in the video.

“I’m going to require you on the walkway,”the guard replied.The sight of an armed security member securing an anti-gun advocate was not lost on the crowd.”Hypocrite! Alyssa you’re a hypocrite! You have actually equipped security here!”somebody on the crowd can be heard to yell.So

@Alyssa_Milano desires to see the unedited video of her and her armed guards”printing”. I have no idea who she is speaking to in the beginning,< a href=""> @rangerholton respectfully chimes in. See. Likewise Alyssa please answer why you lied about having no armed guards. #NRAAM 2018 #nra @NRATV!.?.!— Grant Stinchfield(@stinchfield1776) May 6, 2018

In a later video, Milano speak with Haraway, and inform his son she hopes the kid matures in a world where people are “less fossilized in their political views.”

A man off video camera can then be heard inviting Milano to appear on NRA TV. After very first stating, “If …” Milano then retreats discussing “my time” after guards stepped between her and the NRA supporters.Ironic that @Alyssa_Milano’s ARMED guard, at her anti-gun rally outside of the NRA convention, intimidated and chased after away NRATV staff members. I saw no such thuggish habits from actual NRA members at the convention.– Dan Bongino(@dbongino) May 6, 2018 Milano’s actions upset Hannah Bleau, who vented her sensations on Chicks on The Right.”I actually do not care what she or her brain dead minions had to state, due to the fact that they’ve made it clear they do not care about the Second Change, and I’m not going to debate someone who has decided that the 2nd Modification is unimportant. Step off my rights and leave my face,”she wrote. “Anyhow, she attended this event in demonstration, and guess what she was surrounded by? If you stated,’armed guards, DING DING! You are correct!”she wrote.What do you think?Scroll down to comment listed below.