Australian “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin was bestowed a posthumous star on the Hollywood Stroll of Fame in Los Angeles on Thursday, April 26.

Irwin passed away on September 4, 2006, after a stingray’s serrated barb pierced his heart while he was shooting underwater off Australia’s coast. He was 44.

Irwin’s widow Terri and his 2 kids Bindi and Robert remained in Los Angeles on Thursday to get the honor on behalf of their daddy.

(Reuters/Seven Network)

“If all of us take a page from Steve’s book and love everything we are going to be better individuals, we are going to have more empathy and generosity to all living beings,” Terri Irwin told fans at the star event on Hollywood Boulevard.

“However, how on earth do you get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Popularity by being like that? That is the coolest thing ever,” she added.Irwin’s boy Robert said his dad was more than simply an excellent conservationist.”I indicate I remember every early morning dad

would reveal up on his motorbike and take us down for ice cream and jump in with animals, there was never ever a dull moment. He was the finest and most incredible conservationist on the world, but likewise the best papa,”he said.Irwin’s daughter Bindi had a hard time to hold back her tears when she took to the podium.”I need to inform you that I never in my wildest dreams envisioned that this would come true and this is such an honor as a family to continue in daddy’s footsteps,”she said.Irwin’s death was recorded by the documentary team of “Ocean’s Deadliest”, the Discovery

wildlife special Irwin was recording at the time of his death.The exuberant, khaki-clad Australian naturalist became a family name before his death aged 44. Suggested Video: Big Crocodile Snags Fisherman’s Catch at Last Moment