Star Lee Seo Won has been accuseded of sexual harassment and making threats with a weapon, and his company Bloom Home entertainment has actually responded with an apology.On May 16, news outlet JoongAng Ilbo reported that the Seoul Gwangjin Authorities mentioned that they had actually charged Lee Seo Won on April 8 and investigated him, prior to sending his case to the prosecution with a recommendation of indictment. The cops stated,”The victim was a female celeb. We forwarded the case to the Seoul East District attorneys’Office previously this month. “According to the authorities, while consuming with a female celebrity(described as” A”), Lee Seo Won had attempted to kiss her and make physical contact, and was rejected. When he continued to try to make physical contact,”A”called her boyfriend to request for help. Lee Seo Won is said to have ended up being upset and threatened her with a weapon.The police mentioned to the news outlet, “Lee Seo Won was examined in a really inebriated state.

He swore at the law enforcement officer and screamed.”After checking out the scenario, Lee Seo Won’s firm has actually released the following statement:”

Hi. This is Bloom Home entertainment.”We truly apologize for causing concern to lots of people through

the shameful occurrence connected to actor Lee Seo Won. To start with, we did unknown about this scenario before we got an ask for confirmation from the media. After validating with him in order to understand the specific truth, we discovered that it was something that happened after he had consumed alcohol at a private meeting with an associate. “There are no excuses to be made. We bow our heads to everybody and reveal our apologies. We are sorry. “Currently, star Lee Seo Won has actually acknowledged his error and is deeply reflecting about triggering issue to the other celebration and many individuals due to his thoughtless and incorrect actions.

“We once again best regards express our deep apologies to everybody, and we will all the best take part in the upcoming investigation. We are sorry. “Lee Seo Won is a star that has actually

appeared in dramas including”Uncontrollably Fond, “”Hospital Ship,””The Phony and His Enthusiast,”and more. He is a member of the cast of the upcoming drama”About Time.”He is also currently an MC of KBS’s “Music Bank.” Sources from both” About Time” and “Music Bank” have actually stated they are in discussions and preparing statements.Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews