Famous Hollywood director Rob Reiner spoke up versus President Donald Trump Monday, while likewise drawing severe contrasts in between the Russian participation in the 2016 presidential election and the 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that eliminated 2,403 American citizens.Speaking on MSNBC, Reiner insisted that stabilizing the 2016 governmental election was a dangerous practice.”There’s a danger here of stabilizing

things. This is not regular. We have actually had the best attack on this democracy because 1941, and we have to comprehend that, “he began.” Where are our Republican leaders– elected leaders– standing and saying,’We’ve been assaulted here, our democracy is being compromised?’ “Reiner, a longtime liberal activist, showed that American society might be on the brink of collapse, pointing to the Russian participation in the 2016 presidential election as the possible tipping point.”Fantastic societies last 250, possibly 300 years,”he stated.

“We’re at that cusp today. “” The question is: Will our institutions withstand

this attack that we’ve had from a hostile foreign power? So far, we’re seeing our legislature not standing up, “Reiner asked before singling out Republican legislators and condemning them for not speaking up versus Russia.He continued on his tirade, accusing Trump of assaulting the American press.”Journalism is under attack by the president calling it ‘phony news,’there’s another pillar of our democracy under attack,” he said.”Will these institutions stay in tact in order for our democracy to endure?” Reiner asked prior to expressing he wasn’t sure exactly what the response would end up being. (H/T: Washington Free Beacon)