Screen legend Susan Sarandon states the home entertainment industry’s “corporate take” ushered in a culture of unimaginative remakes and reboots and is one of the origin of Hollywood’s sexism, racism, and ageism.During a panel conversation about the future of filmmaking on Friday at the Tropfest short film festival, Sarandon said her market’s dependence on reboots is due to a”absence of imagination “and that narrow-minded thinking is however a by-product of the”corporate takeover of making films.”” This is why we have a lot sexism and racism and ageism in Hollywood,” she said, according to the Hollywood Reporter.” There’s a lot of entrepreneurs that are making choices, not individuals who always like motion pictures. This is where you get casting by the number of followers you have on Instagram.” Sarandon, who told the crowd that after a 4 decade-spanning profession she’s now “on the exterior of Hollywood,”also decried today’s “incredibly thinned down” films that are a direct result of production houses ‘stopped working attempt to interest everyone. She praised streaming huge Netflix, among other internet-based movie material platforms, for being much better equip at catering to specific audiences. “They do not have to attract everybody,”the 71-year-old star said.”So you’re seeing braver, sexier, weirder, stunning things … which is truly amazing.”Indeed, the Thelma and Louis star is just echoing concerns made by the similarity Oscar-winning stars Michael Caine and Emma Thompson, who blamed significant Hollywood studios for strongly employing young stars and actresses based on the size of their social networks following, rather than on any real acting capability.”We’re casting stars who have huge [social media] followings so the studios can use their followings to offer their motion picture,”two-time Oscar-winner Thompson told the Telegraph.”The stars are becoming connected in the sort of business way to their social media profiles, and I believe that’s a disaster.”” Thesedays, theyjust say,’I’m going to be an actor because I wish to be abundant and well-known. ‘And after that they do a little part on television and everybody understands who they are

, “stated two-time Oscar-winner and British screen icon Michael Caine.That’s states absolutely nothing of that Hollywood’s penchant for remakes, reboots, and follows up of 80s motion pictures has left only three of the top 15 highest-grossing films of the Reagan-era that have n’t received a present-day revamp.Follow

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