more icon MORE Jane Fonda Desires Hollywood to Save United States from Donald Trump

I could have quickly titled this “Jane Fonda Gives Yuge In-Kind Contribution to Trump 2020.” Is there anything more out of touch than a Hollywood elitist telling other Hollywood elitists they have to take their country back? Really, sound off in the comments. I want to hear what you believe is more out of touch. I’m a bit at a loss.Adding to exactly what appeared to be the theme for the night, Fonda utilized her brief time onstage to make a declaration about the country’s political management.”This is an existential crisis that we’re in, “explained the actress/activist, encouraging the audience to get out and vote.”We have to do everything we can to take back the house in November. Can save us, it’s gon na be taking back our federal government.”Speaking with THR, Lily Tomlin(who presented

Fonda)included:”[ Trump] threatens– he’s regrettably harmful to the planet, if nothing else. If we might raise Trump’s consciousness, that would be valuable. “Have at it. Discuss taking the country back. While giving each other

reach arounds over your very own awesomeness at awards programs. Where the gift bags are generally cost more than a lot of families make in a year. Savor your very own star flatulence. Bottle it as a scent. Call it “Eu de Weinstein.”The rest of America will revel in more jobs than in current history and a strong economy. And I state this as somebody who’s not even a Trump guy. I still think character matters, and if the election was today … I ‘d probably compose in Hopper Crowder.But I get the desire to stick it to leftist douchecanoes like Jane Fonda who think she’s better even if

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