As the Free Thought Job reported last month, Hollywood actor and previous NFL linebacker Terry Crews came forward with sexual attack claims against Adam Venit, a head executive at the WME talent firm. Teams submitted a< a href = rel=noopener > sexual attack claim with the LAPD accusing the top-level executive of searching him at a market party in 2015. His better half Rebecca has made a declaration that she was with Terry during the time of the attack and experienced the entire thing.In the weeks given that going public, Crews says that he has dealt with ruthless harassment and intimidation from the “powers that be”in Hollywood. The pressure was on right away after Teams went to the LAPD, where he was satisfied by reporters beyond the police headquarters simply after he made his report. Inning accordance with Crews, there is no other way that TMZ might have known that he was submitting the report unless they had actually” paid informants”within the LAPD.The Show Business has PAID INFORMANTS inside the @LAPDHollywood In order to control talent.Not even my wife understood when I was filing a cops report versus @WME representative Adam Venit.This week , Crews has taken to Twitter once again to raise the alarm about the constant harassment that he and his family are facing in the wake of his revelation. He says that he wants to be as public as possible about these threats to secure himself in the case of some” prompt mishap. “He was even alerted by the LAPD that the forces he is up versus “don’t play reasonable.” Crews believes that his house has been bugged, his computer system hacked, and his family under consistent surveillance.My foe Adam Venit is the founding partner at @WME, a corporation worth over $8 billion.I believe my household is being tracked and perhaps bugged.I also believe @unclerush was asked to press me into dropping my case by< a href =" "> @WME execs. Somehow they believed he was the

” King of Black people”. Somebody hacked into the computer system my child and I built together. I need to shut it down and change the hard disk.

(Cont ‘d/ 2)″ LAPD job force investigators let me know these people don’t play fair. There are a great deal of secrets to safeguard, and they will do anything to keep them. The town is jeopardized.

But me, and my team, are not. If I were to have a timely”accident”– you understand where to look,”wrote Crews.LAPD job force investigators let me understand these individuals don’t play reasonable.

There are a lot of tricks to safeguard, and they

will do anything to keep them.The town is compromised. Me, and my group, are not.If I were to have a timely

“accident “– you know where to look. @WME basic counsel Seth Krauss surreptitiously raised my partner’s name to my previous lawyer re: my case.

@TMZ met me and my wife at the as we left the airport, then mysteriously modified out my remarks about how they conspire with the studios and companies. In spite of these threatening discoveries, Crews keeps his courage and noted that he’s ready for anything these individuals attempt to throw his method.”Retaliation in some form is expected-I would be ignorant to think otherwise … However vulnerability and openness is in fact my best protection. I’m prepared,”he said.Retaliation in some kind is expected-I would be naive to believe otherwise … But vulnerability and openness

is really my finest protection.Crews also revealed that Russell Simmons informed him to keep peaceful about the occurrence, which is exactly what he was referencing by his”king of black people”remark. Given that telling Teams to

drop his case, Simmons has actually faced numerous sexual attack claims of his own, including a forced sexual encounter with an underage girl.Message Russell Simmons

sent out to me concerning my sexual assault case against Adam Venit of @WME: While Venit does not represent Teams as an agent, he does function as a representative for individuals like Adam Sandler, Diane Keaton, Eddie Murphy, Kevin James, Rob Lowe, Russell Brand

, Shawn Levy, Steve Martin, Sylvester Stallone and Vince Vaughn. He likewise represents Brett Ratner and Dustin Hoffman, who are likewise presently facing sexual attack allegations.In the monthssince

making his initial declaration on Twitter, Crews has actually become a voice for victims of sexual attack, commenting day-to-day about things like”pimp culture”and how individuals in positions of power usage that power for the sake of sexual domination.It was commonly reported that Venit admitted to the accusations in personal and asked forgiveness to Terry throughout a sit down with WME manager Ari Emanuel.

Venit was able to keep his job after a 30-day suspension. This choice prompted Crews to drop the firm and rather sign with UTA.