TMZ is in the business of reporting on celebrities doing stupid things. Wednesday night, they caught a celebrity on camera abandoning all civility and attacking White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders in the most vile manner.

Wednesday night, the Grammy and Oscar-winning singer was leaving a Los Angeles restaurant when TMZ asked him about recent events, including Sanders being thrown out of a restaurant and fat-shamed by celebrities. He responded to the TMZ cameraman by saying he wanted him to ask him about the separated immigrant kids at the border instead, adding “I don’t care about f**king Sarah Sanders.”

After the kids were reunited, then “we can talk about Sarah Sanders and her f**king dinner,” he said.

Legend has been a long-time critic of President Trump. In 2017, Legend called Trump “an embarrassment to the country.” In May, he blasted Trump’s comments referring to MS-13 members as animals.

On President Trump’s birthday, the singer and his wife Chrissy Teigen announced that they were donating $288,000 to the ACLU to help reunite immigrant children, saying they wanted to “make Trump’s birthday great again.”

Teigen made the announcement on Twitter.

happy birthday,

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) June 14, 2018

Earlier this week, Legend responded to the restaurant controversy on Twitter. “Let’s make a deal with the Trump Administration,” he wrote. “Reunite all these families immediately and you can go out to eat wherever the f**k you want.”

Let’s make a deal with the Trump Administration. Reunite all these families immediately and you can go out to eat wherever the fuck you want.

— John Legend (@johnlegend) June 25, 2018

Here is the video. Be warned: the language is not safe for work.

Sanders has not commented on Legend’s comments.

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