Sunday night’s Author’s Guild of America awards reveal developed into a full-fledged exercise in anti-Donald Trump-bashing as Hollywood’s leading writers consistently skewered the president during discussions and acceptance speeches.Actor-writer-comedian Patton Oswalt handled hosting tasks for the Los Angeles-based event and started the night by introducing his event security, 2 guys impersonated”soldiers from armed forces of the Russian Federation.”INDICATION UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER”Individuals here tonight are upset about 2

things– that Deadpool is nominated for

Best Screenplay and that Trump is President,”Oswalt joked. “Donald Trump, I desireto be really careful about making jokes about. I do not wish to be kicked to death tonight by James Woods,” at which point the conservative star hopped onstage, snatched off Oswalt’s shoe, and chided him: “This is an awards reveal, get some shoes, Jesus.” The impromptu bit was not scripted, Oswalt ensured his social networks followers.Regaining control of the show, Oswalt continued:”I feel bad for

Trump. Here’s exactly what occurred: They had the [White Home] Reporters’Dinner, Obama went up and teased Donald, and Donald said,’I’m taking his task. ‘””Now he’s sitting there stating:’ This task draws! My life prior to this was fantastic!'”

he included.”Donald Trump taking Obama’s job would resemble if the head of linguistics at Rutgers made enjoyable of David Lee Roth … and he said,’I’m the head of linguistics at Rutgers. Induce the hookers and cocaine! ‘”Later, Chelsea Handler took her own chance at Trump by ridiculing his claim that millions

of individuals may have illegally voted in the 2016 general election, though the talk show host’s jokes didn’t appear to land with the audience.”If you win this award tonight I desire everyone to bear in mind not to obtain a huge head since there are millions of illegal voters in California. Not to point out the ones in Massachusetts who took a bus and enacted New Hampshire, “Handler joked.Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, who was awarded the Paddy Chayefsky Laurel Award for Tv Composing Achievement,

went on a fiery anti-Trump tirade during his approval speech.The West Wing creator condemned Trump as being”out of touch”and prompted the room loaded with authors to combat the administration by composingstories thatassist heal the country.While accepting the WGA West’s Laurel Award, director Oliver Stone broke from the night’s anti-Trump predisposition and instead bashed both significant political celebrations.” It’s fashionable now to

take shots at Republicans and Trump and all that and avoid the Obamas and Clintons,”Stone stated, according to Due date.” However remember this: In the 13 wars we’ve started overthe last Thirty Years and the 14 trillion dollars we have actually invested and the hundreds of countless lives that have perished from this Earth, bear in mind that it wasn’t one leader but a system– both Republican and Democrat.”Introducing Stone was star and uncommon Hollywood conservative James Woods.” So my press agents states ‘Whatever you do

do not talk politics.’I state,’ Ok. ‘And I appear and 15 minutes later on I’m Darth Vader,”Woods joked.Back in New york city at the WGA Awards East, which were happening concurrently, host Lewis Black also took shots at Trump.” We’re living

at the intersection of satire and reality, “Black joked.