What was Sean Spicer thinking rolling out behind a makeshift White House podium at the Emmy Awards?

The former White House communications director made a surprise appearance at the 69th annual Emmy Awards on Sunday, hosted by noted President Donald Trump critic Stephen Colbert who essentially told the president’s supporters not to watch.

“This will be the largest audience to witness an Emmys, period! Both in person and around the world,” Spicer told the audience, an homage to his widely panned explanation of the crowd size for President Trump’s inauguration.

In that one sentence Spicer basically called both himself and the president liars.

Spicer attempted to be a good sport as he smiled and, figuratively, bowed and genuflected before the Hollywood royalty.

But if he read any of social media after his performance he would have quickly learned what the president, and the rest of America, already knew.

They will never like the president or any of his supporters.

Ugh NO to Sean Spicer. It’s so great that we can embrace someone who used a powerful position to abuse the press and lie to America.

What fun to watch @seanspicer having a sense of humor about all the times he lied to the American public! GOOD SPORT! #emmys


All caps. He means business.

As Deray would say, watch whiteness work to normalize Sean Spicer! COME! ON!

Fuck Sean Spicer. He doesn’t deserve that moment of levity. #Emmys

Sorry to be a spoilsport, but I don’t think it’s funny that Spicer is tacitly admitting to his falsehoods and using it for image rehab

Spicer thinks they are laughing with him, but they are laughing at him. #emmys

So, the ‘joke’ of bringing Spicer out at the Emmys was that he consistently lied from the podium?

anyway fuck sean spicer and his dumb whoopee cushion face

It’s good that they aren’t being overdramatic.

everyone who had a hand in bringing spicer on stage should be deeply, profoundly embarrassed

Saying you like Sean Spicer after one joke, and after all the havoc he has caused…you deserve to be smacked silly #Emmys

I’m on the subway heading to dinner with a friend but I must say:fuck US media and the way it normalizes vile people like Sean Spicer #Emmys

Many who are fans of the president thought Spicer was stupid for even making an attempt to curry favor with the liberal crowd.

Sean Spicer is an idiot for appearing at the #Emmys trying to get attention. The Emmys is filled with liberal elitist dirtbags. Screw em.