Actor Jim Caviezel believes that his Christian faith helped protect him from the potential pitfalls of Hollywood and fame, specifically drugs and other vices that sometimes take over actors’ lives.

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He revealed in a recent interview with Faithwire how people in his acting classes would sometimes turn to such activities, and explained why he ended up taking a very different path.

“I think it would have been a matter of time before I started that bad habit and go to the wrong places [but] I had enough wisdom from the faith I already had [to know] that’s not going to make me happy,” he said, adding that he has been “forced into arms of God” throughout his career.

It’s clear that Caviezel isn’t your typical Hollywood actor. He’s a humble performer who once famously played Jesus. He’s also set to portray the Apostle Paul’s companion, Luke, in the new movie, “Paul, Apostle of Christ.”

And despite widespread entertainment success, Caviezel is a deeply faithful Catholic, who credits his successes and talents to God.

“My gift is from God,” he said. “It was a gift given to me. I didn’t give it to myself.”

Listen to Caviezel explain his professional and spiritual worldview below:

Caviezel also revealed that he is once again set to play Jesus in Mel Gibson’s highly anticipated “The Resurrection of the Christ,” a movie that Gibson has repeatedly teased. Caviezel said that he believes the sequel will “be the single biggest film in history,” and offered up his take on Hollywood’s blunders when it comes to tackling biblical subject matter.

“It’s a huge responsibility,” Caviezel said of portraying the Bible’s greatest people. “Our industry, often times when they get a film that is biblical, they change it in many ways … when you start doing that and taking liberties like that … it loses its value.”

Watch the trailer for “Paul” below:

In the end, Caviezel said that God has a way of helping guide believers on the right path.

“The spirit is real important, because it helps you motivate your mental capabilities and also your physical capabilities,” he said. “I came into the business [and] Jesus carried me like a little lamb.”

It’s always amazing to hear actors and others in secular realms openly discuss God’s power. It will be interesting to see how “The Resurrection” shapes up.