The Golden Globes started on Sunday with a “black carpet,” as Hollywood’s A-list donned designer dresses in just dark colors to commemorate their own commitment to securing ladies in the show business from sexual harassment, sexual assault, and discrimination.Even speakers put on black to show their uniformity with Harvey Weinstein’s victims, now that he’s no longer the head of a major studio, and can green-light their multi-million dollar projects. For a little additional oomph, a few of the females even brought feminist icons as their”dates,”to show their dedication to women’s rights.Michelle Williams, Emma Watson, Susan Sarandon, Meryl Streep, Laura Dern, Shailene

Woodley, Amy Poehler and Emma Stone are bringing gender and racial justice activists as their guests to the #GoldenGlobes.– Amy Kaufman(@AmyKinLA) January 7, 2018– TicToc by Bloomberg(@tictoc) January 7, 2018– TicToc by Bloomberg(@tictoc) January 7, 2018 Meryl Streep, who was such a close buddy of Harvey Weinstein it would have been nearly impossible for her to escape rumors of the mega-producer’s bad behavior

, is also bringing a”social justice warrior “as her date to the awards ceremony.But if you thought the stars would scale things revoke respect for the beating the market has actually taken, particularly in light of how complicit much of the industry’s greatest names were in concealing or downplaying the sexual violence occurring among the entertainment elite, you were, of course, mistaken. Everyone put on black frocks, it’s likely not a single gown came off the rack.Here’s Jessica Biel mourning ladies’s inequality in a couture Dior dress worth more than a lot of people’s home loan.– Tom & Lorenzo (@tomandlorenzo) January 8, 2018 Alexis Bledel, of the” Handmaid’s Tale”was frightened of industry management in Oscar de & la Renta.– Tom & Lorenzo(@tomandlorenzo)

January 7, 2018 Tracee Ellis Ross defended social justice in a Marc Jacobs number that might probably pay off a legal bill.– Tom & & Lorenzo (@tomandlorenzo) January 7, 2018