Bret Easton Ellis

American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis has criticized Hollywood liberals for still complaining Donald Trump’s election win more than four months on from the outcome …

‘You can dislike that Trump was chosen and still comprehend and accept eventually that he was elected this time around. Or you can have a complete psychological and emotional collapse, which I think is ridiculous. If you are still losing you s *** about Trump, I believe you must go to a diminish.’

Ellis criticized Barbra Streisand and Lena Dunham for saying their weight was fluctuating because of the President, blaming him for their ‘own problems and neuroses.’

He also said it was distasteful of Meryl Streep to restore ‘the ethical supremacy of the left’ in her Golden Globes speech. ‘For some reason I began thinking of the expense of Meryl Streep’s dress at the Golden Globes and the $30 million apartment or condo she had recently sold in Greenwich Town.’

He’s neither excusing or condemning Trump, however something intriguing is afoot. Notification what Ellis is doing here? Not burning things or punching deals with to make his point. Take note, leftists. With a little self-discipline, you too, can talk about politics without having a nuclear disaster of the face and rectal cavity. The technique will be differentiating one hole from the other. The material emanating from both is the same.