The LA Times is reporting that moviegoing is at the most affordable level given that 1995. The short article blames Americans who are visiting fewer motion pictures, on streaming services, which, to some level, might be real, however from most of the remarks we’ve seen on our Facebook page, which reaches nearly 1.7 million followers, Americans are not interested in paying their hard-earned money to support the anti-American and anti-Trump hate machine that is Hollywood. While there are a few freely conservative stars in Hollywood, most of them are swimming in a cesspool of liberalism and are consumed with hate for President Trump and his terrible advocates. From

George Clooney trashing Trump over his position on refugees coming to America from Muslim hotbed countries, to Meryl Streep using a televised award ceremony to trash our newly inaugurated President, to has-been pop stars like Madonna saying she ‘d like to explode the White Home; America has had it approximately their eyeballs with people who are some of America’s leading earners, thanks to the support of people they freely mock for supporting President Trump. The LA Times reports, that Hollywood is commemorating completion of 2017 with huge sales from” Star Wars: The Last Jedi,”which is on track to quickly go beyond$1 billion in global ticket sales and eventually end up being the most significant film of the year. That won’t be enough to write a happy storyline for the industry.Although motion picture ticket sales in the U.S. and Canada are expected to dip simply below last year’s record of$11.38 billion, the number of tickets offered is predicted to drop 4% to 1.26 billion– the most affordable level because 1995, according to initial price quotes from studio executives.The falloff in ticket sales can primarily be described by a handful of films that flopped, especially throughout the bleak summertime season that published the worst results in more than two years. Even such huge hits as “Wonder Female,””Thor: Ragnarok”and”It”could not offset a lackluster summer lineup populated by rickety franchises(” Alien: Covenant”)and inadequately evaluated retreads (” The Mummy” ). The long-term decline in participation reflects systemic obstacles facing the market. Audiences are investing less time going to the motion pictures and are taking in more home entertainment on little screens and through streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon that are spending billions on original video content.Sorry to rupture your liberal bubble, now that the drape has been drawn back, the terrible crowd isn’t interested in supporting hate-filled, liberal Hollywood. Deal with it …