Hollywood director Joss Whedon faced heat on Twitter Thursday after he sexualized and mocked a conference between Paul Ryan and a group of young cancer survivors.

“Tonight on White House Better Half Hunt, Donny makes host P. Ryan give 2 more contestants the ‘Not a 10’ card,” composed Whedon on Twitter, along with the picture of the meeting that reveals 2 young girls with Ryan.The original post made by Ryan described that the photo recorded a meeting in between”teenagers”who” shared some powerful stories with me about their battle against childhood cancer.”Advocacy is not restricted to adults. These

Wisconsin teens shared some powerful stories with me about their battle against youth cancer.!.?.!The Avengers director and Buffy the Vampire Slayer developer rapidly dealt with criticism for his post, even being implicated of sexualizing

the young ladies in an attempt to attack President Trump.@joss!.?.! Joss I like ya. These are like teen girls you simply put down. play reasonable. insult the grownups. Plus putting down girls is not your thing!.?.!@joss!.?.! Look, guy, I dislike

Trump, however these are kids and this joke is WAAAAY missing out on the mark. “Those are cancer clients @Joss and some are under age. What is wrong with you?”responded author and activist Mike Cernovich.”As young cancersurvivors they look a hell of a lot much better than your Nicole Kidman/Ginger Baker mashup,”

responded RedState’s Jay Caruso.@joss!.?.! Only you might turn a meeting with young cancer survivors into a meme, you despicable human being As of composing, the post is still on Twitter, and Whedon, who is a vocal left-wing and anti-Trump activist, has yet to make an apology.Last year, Whedon expressed his partisanship, stating that”Trump can not CAN NOT be enabled a term in workplace, “before he also put together a group of actors from his popular Avengers films for an anti-Trump campaign advert.In January, Whedon compared Ivanka Trump to a pet, while in the exact same month he likewise revealed that he desired”a rhino to f * ck [Paul Ryan] to death. “