President Donald Trump drew a distinct line Wednesday after Democratic congressional candidate John Ossoff cannot amass HALF of the vote in Tuesday’s special election.In a message on his Twitter account Wednesday, the president said the June runoff election triggered by Tuesday’s vote represented a fight between Ossoff and his celebrity backers, and Republican politician Karen Handel’s local support.” Dems failed in Kansas and are now stopping working in Georgia. Fantastic task Karen Handel! It is now Hollywood vs. Georgia on June 20th,”Trump tweeted.Dems stopped working in Kansas and are now failing in Georgia. Fantastic task Karen Handel! It is

now Hollywood vs. Georgia on June 20th. The 30-year-old documentary filmmaker-turned-Democratic political leader received a flood of star assistance for his campaign, which was viewed as a long-shot quote to take a seat in the Republican-heavy suburban Georgia district. Ossoff will have to face Republican prospect Karen Handel in a runoff election in June.Ossoff’s campaign was enhanced by the support of various stars, consisting of from Star Trek actor George Takei and anti-Trump talk show host Chelsea Handler, the latter of whom donated to the young Democrat and utilized her almost 7 million-strong Twitter following to prompt Georgia voters to turn out.Actor Samuel L. Jackson recorded a 45-second radio advertisement endorsing Ossoff that ran for a number of days before the election. Meanwhile, starlets Jane Fonda andKyra Sedgwick and Order star Sam Waterston likewise assisted Ossoff’s campaign, inning accordance with Politico.The Democrat apparently amassed an impressive$8.3 million from almost 200,000 donors, with over 95 percent of those contributions coming from state.In contrast, Handel supposedly raised just$463,000. Regardless of Ossoff’s substantial monetary benefit, a slew of liberal celebrities increasing his profile, and a Democratic base eager to tag a win versus Trump, the

documentary filmmaker-turned-politician cannot reach the 50 percent limit required to avoid a runoff.