From synth-pop to the Ghostbusters reboot, the Eighties revival has actually been happening for the whole of the 21st century. Spuds MacKenzie is back in Super Bowl commercials. Target is using Rob Base & & DJ EZ Rock’s “It Takes Two” in its marketing. Nostalgia for the Reagan Age seems nearly irreversible. For ALF, the 1980s have not returned– they never went away. The furry brown puppet has actually remained among the most enduring icons of the years, since his comedy ended in the spring of 1990. ALF stickers can be seen in Guardians of the Galaxy. ALF dolls pop up on ABC’s The Goldbergs. The Melmacian wise guy encapsulates the popular culture of that time. It’s no marvel that when people want to evoke the 1980s, ALF generally reveals his hairy mug.Need proof? Here are fifteen projects that have actually featured ALF over the last thirty years.

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