Depending which way you look at it, Seth MacFarlane has either been fearlessly calling attention to Hollywood’s alleged sexual abuse– or playing down it– given that as early as 2005.

An early “ Household Guy “episode rips on Kevin Spacey, who was just recently implicated of sexual misconduct with a small by actor Anthony Rapp, of tried rape of a small by an anonymous artist, and of sexual harassment on the set of”House of Cards. “In 2012,” Family Person”again poked at sexual assault rumors, this time at the expenditure of producer Brett Ratner, who was recently accused of sexual misconduct or attack by at least six females. MacFarlane himself made a joke about Harvey Weinstein, the preliminary scandal that broke the wall of silence about Hollywood’s rampant sexual abuse problem.Read More: Kevin Spacey: You Can not Hide Your Shame Behind Our Pride– Analysis The Spacey joke very first aired in 2005, throughout the show’s 4th

season. In this clip, a shirtless Stewie goes through a shopping center screaming, “Help! I’ve escaped from Kevin Spacey’s basement! Assist me!”Household Person with the Kevin Spacey reference twelve years

ago … creepy.< a href = rel=nofollow target=_ blank >!.?.!— Josh Jordan(@NumbersMuncher) October 30, 2017 In the tenth season, in an episode titled”Leggo My Meg-O,”Stewie and Brian penetrate a kid sex-trafficking ring. The clip below

shows Stewie wearing a blonde wig and pink swimsuit, while dancing to Katy Perry’s”California Girls,”as a group of men bid on him from behind glass windows. After the second quote, the announcer plainly states: “Thank you, Brett Ratner. “MacFarlane doesn’t only utilize his characters to call out alleged predators. Who could forget this now notorious joke he snuck into statements of

the Academy Award nominations for best starlet back in 2013? After checking out the list of names, Macfarlane stated “Congratulations, you five ladies no longer need to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein.”Read More:< a target= _ blank href= title ="Seth MacFarlane Wrote Harvey Weinstein Oscar Joke After Friend InformedHim Unwanted Sexual Advances Story”> Seth MacFarlane Wrote Harvey Weinstein Oscar Joke After Good Friend Informed Him Sexual Harassment Story

The upsetting part, in retrospect, is the eruption of laughter that follows. When video of the joke resurfaced in the wake of the Weinstein accusations, MacFarlane said it “originated from a location of loathing and anger,” noting that the producer presumably made advances toward his pal Jessica Barth.Here’s that


Whether one discovers the jokes horrible or not, Macfarlane wasn’t scared to speak up about reports of sexual misbehavior, which is a lot more than the majority of people in Hollywood can say.Sign Up: Stay on top of the newest breaking film and TV news! Register for our Email Newsletters here.