Ahead of the Golden Globes, Artist Lets Hollywood Know “We All Knew”

Ahead of the Golden Globes, Artist Lets Hollywood Know “We All Knew”


Everybody will be wearing black to the Golden Globes tonight. More than likely to mourn the fact they can no longer pretend to not know about Harvey Weinstein’s rapery. Or Kevin Spacey’s inclination toward peen-havers who still ride the school bus. Truly, the bulk of Tinseltown elites. Raise your hand if you work in motion pictures and have n’t shown your penis to someone.Quick side note, people wearing all black to a black tie event? How really woke of

you. You’re making a yuge distinction by choosing a black shirt over a white one.In the wee hours of Friday morning , VICE News embedded with Sabo and his little street team as he tried to set up

his installations around Beverley Hills, including an indication that states”Caution, Pedophiles Ahead,”two days prior to this Sunday’s Golden Globes.Sabo is instrumental for the”They Knew” project, showing images of Meryl Streep’s eyes covered with text next to Harvey Weinstein, and has actually benefited off of other creations like posters representing Trump providing 2 middle fingers, and patches that say”The Deplorables. “Haha. Troll levels to the max!

Sabo has it right. The genuine deplorables

Ernest Scared Stupid Troll

are the elitist rape enablers offering each other spoken reach-arounds tonight. Possibly real reach-arounds also. I wouldn’t put anything past those amoral jagweed players of pretend. These are the very same douchelords who run disturbance for serial rapists and pedophiles.Hollywood A-listers can make their grandstanding gestures and effort to sidetrack us with their beauties.

Not going to change a thing. Everyone understands you men knew. Now you have to cope with it.