For Democrats, things are getting dangerous.A political party

that prides itself on the endorsements of empty-headed celebrities– and pretends a power base amongst popular culture fans and Hollywood elites translates into genuine appeal with American voters– can hardly manage a crack of dissent in its monolithic outlook.But just in the past week, it seems that a few of the greatest names in show business

are really efficient in independent thought– which could indicate difficulty down the liberal line.It was bad enough when rap star/clothing designer/Kardashian partner Kanye West reviewed the Democrat plantation wall to honestly support President Donald Trump, but liberals have an argument for that.West has been a loose cannon his whole career, so when he truly reviewed the line with some inexpedient cracks about slavery this week, they might depend on the mob mindset of the

liberal pop audience to come after him with torches and pitchforks for being the thought criminal he is.But things aren’t working out rather that way. Ends up, some other celebs aren’t condemning West(

and some even agree). On Friday, in the most recent shoe to drop, super star Justin Bieber surprised the liberal establishment with an Instagram postthat did more

than agree with West– it safeguarded his right to believe for himself. “Our task is to love not constantly to agree. I like you, Kanye, “Bieber wrote.< blockquote data-instgrm-captioned data-instgrm-permalink = data-instgrm-version=8 > (3)Justin Bieber via Instagram Stories: A post shared by Justin Bieber Team(@jbcrewdotcom )on Might 3, 2018 at 10:25 am PDT If we were talking about conservatives here, the Bieber message would barely deserve pointing out. He might be kept in mind as a

rare, controversially vocal Christian in the hedonistic entertainment world, but conservatives don’t consume about intellectual or political arguments with each other for the exact same factor fish don’t talk about water.But in the lockstep world of liberal conformity, West’s remarks should make him a pariah, an untouchable, a male who– despite being married to a Kardashian– isn’t really fit for courteous company, much less worth of respect.Should more celebrities be standing up for Kanye West? Bieber’s Instagram post is making news in the conveniently liberal precincts like

Cosmopolitan since it doesn’t outright condemn West(Cosmo Woman doesn’t approve, obviously, but she plainly can’t help caring The Bieb anyway). Republicans and conservatives would enjoy a celeb conflict like this playing out with mild bemusement if it had been on the right– Ted Nugent and James Woods might settle a battle amongst themselves without threatening the rest of Donald Trump’s very first term, for instance.But for a liberal party that needs the approval of the celeb class, whose political survival actually requires the backing of such ethical and intellectual apotheosis as Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jimmy Kimmel to make its case to the general public, a quasi-defection like Bieber’s is an ethical catastrophe. If it suggests knee-jerk liberals start believing for themselves, it might well be a political one, too.It’s instructional that the Canadian-born Bieber not did anything more than stand up for West’s right to an unorthodox opinion, but in liberal circles, a message like that counts as really radical.And if it’s going out now, it means one thing: For Democrats, things are getting dangerous.What do you think?Scroll down to comment below!