# 3 Lays Potato Chips+Food Provider # 4 Enoki Mushrooms # 5 Pan + Cabbages

# 25 Food Add-on Cosplay has become a massively popular hobby, as a growing number of individuals enter the enjoyable of dressing up as their favorite characters and people. All those costumes can be costly! Often you require to be additional creative, cut a couple of corners and innovate somehow.

Sine Benjaphorn, 22, from Ratchaburi City in Thailand, has a great enthusiasm for both cosplay and food. So she decided to combine the two. “I like to eat, so I believed that food needs to belong to my outfits,” she told Bored Panda. “I have a lot of enjoyable making every costume, and me and my loved ones eat them later on.”

As you can see for yourself, the results are incredible. The brilliant colors of numerous fruits, veggies and things like chili peppers develop stunning visual results, along with the tasty worth they provide after the photoshoot is over. It’s the ideal solution for budget cosplay!Sine is a student, however has actually become quite well-known in her homeland as social influencer. She makes parody dress-ups of regional and worldwide stars, and has actually done everybody from Rihanna to Kim Jong-Un. She gets aid from her mom and aunt to make the imaginative and tasty dresses, one striking yellow dress took over 30kg of jackfruit to create.She began making to the costumes

to assist promote her store, where she offers plus-size clothes, expertly modeled by herself, of course. Her fame has actually continued to grow nevertheless, and everybody is waiting to discover what she is going to create next! Does she have any strategies she can tell us about?”I would actually want to attempt and recreate a Disney Princess,”she informed us. Snow Bite possibly? Coke-a-hontas? Citronella? Enjoy this space!Scroll down below to check out her funny parodies and stunningly colorful creations on your own, and elect your favorites!