Actor Terry Crews and his partner, Rebecca Crews It wasn’t too long ago

where President Donald Trump informed the world that males of power can sexually assault ladies and get away with it. I make sure we all remember the discussion that number 45 had with Billy Bush were he exposed that he grabs ladies by the p * ssy since he’s a star. Well, Trump wasn’t the only individual that felt like his fame allowed him authorization to devalue women. Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has been accused by lots of ladies of sexually assaulting them. From the many accusers that have actually come forward to reveal that they were victimized by Hollywood moguls like Weinstein, actor Terry Team fearlessly came forward and admitted that she was sexually assaulted by a man of power as well.Here’s Exactly what Happened: In a series of tweets, Terry Crews described his assault at an event in 2015, where a studio executive approached him

and grabbed his genitals

without cautioning and without his consent, and while his spouse, Rebecca, stood by his side.This whole thing with Harvey Weinstein is providing me PTSD. Why? Because this example occurred to ME.(1/Cont. )– terrycrews (@terrycrews ) October 10, 2017 *** My better half n I were at a Hollywood function in 2015 n a high level Hollywood executive came over 2 me and groped my privates .(2/cont.)– terrycrews

(@terrycrews) October 10, 2017 *** Jumping back I stated What are you doing?! My spouse saw everything n we looked at him like he was insane. He just grinned like a jerk.(3/cont.)– terrycrews(@terrycrews) October 10, 2017 *** I was going to kick his ass right then– however I thought two times about how the entire thing would appear.( 4/cont. )– terrycrews(@terrycrews)

October 10, 2017 ***”240 lbs. Black Guy stomps out Hollywood Honcho”would be the heading the next day.(5/cont. )– terrycrews(@terrycrews)< a href= > October 10, 2017 *** Only I most likely would not have actually had the ability to read it since I WOULD HAVE BEEN IN


we left. (6/cont.)– terrycrews (@terrycrews) October 10, 2017 *** That night and the next day I spoke with everyone I knew that dealt with him about what occurred.(7/cont

.)– terrycrews


October 10, 2017 *** He called me the next day with

an apology but never ever actually explained why he did exactly what he did.(8/cont.)– terrycrews( @terrycrews ) October 10, 2017 *** I chose not 2 take it additional becuz I didn’t want 2b

ostracized– par 4 the course when the predator has power n influence.(9/cont. )– terrycrews( @terrycrews) October 10, 2017


I let it go. And I understand why lots of ladies who this takes place to let it go.(10/cont.)– terrycrews (@terrycrews) October 10, 2017 In spite of the reality that Terry Crews was a former NFL linebacker, the studio executive still felt comfortable

enough to grope Crews due to the fact that their loan and power makes them feel opportunity and entitled. TMZ caught up with Terry’s wife, Rebecca at LAX and she revealed that there is constantly a loophole for the abundant and well-known. Rebecca revealed that she existed the night her husband was assaulted. It appears that Teams was telling the reality about a high-level Hollywood executive that reached down and grabbed Terry’s genitals in 2015. However, like her other half, she too thought that nothing would be done about it.See Rebecca Speak About The Incident Below: