Kellyanne Conway To Hollywood: Leave Your ‘High Horse’

Kellyanne Conway To Hollywood: Leave Your ‘High Horse’


Kellyanne Conway stated celebs who blasted president Donald Trump’s immigration restriction during the Screen Casts Guild Award show Sunday must get off their “high horse.”

“Keeping the nation safe is the president’s very first responsibility and why would you postpone execution of a step that’s meant to meet that objective of keeping the country safe,” Conway said. “His first objective is not to mollify protestors who will never more than happy even after they take advantage of his roll back of guidelines and his tax relief plans, his facilities, and his making health care inexpensive, available, more patient centric in nature. Although the protractors, the protesters, the nay-sayers they will never be delighted, that’s fine. The president is the president of all Americans.”

“What are these senators doing stoking protests at airports,” she included. “They never get this excited when they stroll by homeless people in New york city and Washington every single day and ignore them. They never object outside VA medical facilities where veteran’s are craving care.”

“Everyone with their sweeping grand statements at another award program last night, talking about ‘you are welcome in our country,” come here,'” she continued. “What are they talking about. Why didn’t they do exactly what mattered in Syria which was rescue these kids who are now dead, females relying on suicide over rape. Where the hell where they when these kids were washed up on the coasts?”

“I suggest all these people riding around on their high horses. They didn’t fly over to Aleppo and attempt to intervene in the humanitarian crisis we have actually been experiencing. This man Donald Trump he’s been president on the task for 9 days or 10 days. Barack Obama and these senators who are coagulation and Hollywood they supervised for 8 years and exactly what they wrought is exactly what we acquired. At least this president in the early hours and days of his administration is doing what every president’s first task is to keep our nation, its interests, its allies and its individuals safe.”