Fresh off difficult flamboyant, if not acerbic, political analyst Ann Coulter, Delta Airlines is now taking on a Hollywood icon Jennifer Aniston.

Complaining an actress using her popularity to earn money, the airline developed an in-depth video for its employees calling attention to the “& ldquo; unjust competitors & rdquo; from the leading 3 Gulf carriers, to consist of Emirates Airlines—– Aniston has appeared in several advertisements for the airline for many years.

“& ldquo; There & rsquo; s a battle being battled for our skies and the majority of people don’& rsquo; t even understand it, & rdquo; the Delta Airlines video states.The video, a slick, 15-minute production, was produced to educate Delta staff members about the supposed unjust practices of the 3 biggest Gulf carriers, Emirates, Etihad and Qatar, and includes “& ldquo; the point of views of Delta employees and executives, along with specialists in trade, economics and air travel,” & rdquo; inning accordance with the Delta news release accompanying the video.In a nutshell,

the Delta video claims government subsidies to the tune of $50 billion over the past Ten Years are propping up the Gulf carriers, which is creating unfair competition and costing American jobs.The video

goes on to say these providers “& ldquo; have actually destroyed competitors in countries worldwide, and now they are targeting the United States with extravagant sponsorships and slick advertising.”

& rdquo; Enter the previous “& ldquo; Buddies & rdquo; mega-star.

“& ldquo; I & rsquo; ve constantly liked Jennifer Aniston,” & rdquo; an in-flight service team member recognized as Meleia J states in the Delta video. “& ldquo; But when I saw that ad & hellip; it was extremely hurtful to see that.”

& rdquo; Motioning towards her stomach, an unidentified female adds: “& ldquo; For her to be sending that message inside the United States, it strikes me right here as a Delta worker.”

& rdquo; It seems the marketing folks at Delta believe dissing among the most beloved stars of a generation is a sensible relocation & hellip; however, this is the airline that thought it was a great concept to challenge Ann Coulter on social media.The Aniston ad referenced can be seen below: