For liberals, fellow liberals can do no incorrect. Even when the president of the United States seduced a female on his personnel who was young sufficient to be his child– and repeatedly made love with her in the Oval Office– liberals resembled, “Meh.”

The same is playing out with star Kevin Spacey, who on Sunday admitted allegations that he made exactly what Buzzfeed called “a sexual advance” towards actor Kevin Rapp when he was 14 and Spacey 26.

Spacey made a prolonged apology shortly after the claims emerged in the Buzzfeed story where Rapp said, “He was attempting to seduce me … I was aware that he was attempting to get with me sexually,” Rapp said.In his Twitter post, Spacey blamed the occurrence on “intoxicated habits.” Which prompted Kim Richards, CEO of Allied Artists International, to come to Spacey’s defense.If real, acting upon impulse while inebriated talks to over-indulgence, not predatory behavior. You’re excellent & good, deserving forgiveness.– Kim Richards(@kimrichardsaa ) October 30, 2017 The strange defense surprised other Twitter users.Is everyone on this thread making note of who this

person is? CEO of Allied Artists excusing sexual attack of a minor– Lydia Snider(@LydiaSnider) October 30, 2017 Richards shot back that,

hi, c’mon, it was 30 years ago.I’m not excusing anything. If he did it, it was clearly incorrect & can’t be excused, however it was 30 years ago while admittedly drunk.– Kim Richards (@kimrichardsaa ) October 30, 2017 What? For 30 years & that once kid has been tortured from the assault & you give Spacey a pass because he was supposedly intoxicated? #TwistedSick– Mary

Forbes (@MaryForbes14) October 30 , 2017 Others went conspiratorial.LOL.

He was also on the Jeffrey Epstein airplane that flew to his island where they attacked kids. Excusing this is remiss!– annieone(@annieone3 ) October 30, 2017 Who else when accompanied Epstein? None other than Expense Clinton.