Corey Feldman Dropped the First Call of Alleged Hollywood Pedophiles

Corey Feldman Dropped the First Call of Alleged Hollywood Pedophiles


( ANTIMEDIA)– Star Corey Feldman is attempting to raise funding for a movie he declares will expose rampant pedophilia in the film industry, and on Thursday, he exposed the name of among his own abusers in a televised interview.We’re changing the news industry, but we need your aid! Click on this link to get begun.” That is him,”the kid star stated as Mehmet Oz, host of The Dr. Oz Show, held up a photo for him to see.”That is the person.”The male Feldman determined was John Grissom, another starwho appeared with Feldman in 2 films in the 1980s, License to Driveand Dream a Little Dream.

Feldmaninformed Oz he wished to identify Grissom in his 2013 memoir Coreyography His attorneys would not let him do so.”We needed to change the names legally. The lawyers made me change the names … They offered me a list of 3 or four, you understand, names. I chose the one that sounded closest to his name.”

The name utilized in the book is “Ron Crimson.” On Twitter back in March, when someone made the connection between Crimson and Grissom, Feldman

hinted that the commenter could be correct.As the interview continued Thursday, Feldman urged Grissom to turn himself in to authorities:”Now is your time. Be a male for the very first time and step forward yourself. … Let it be understood and you will be dealt with in a much more tolerant method, I’m sure. However, if you do not, we are coming for you.”

Recently, Feldman used a psychological YouTube video to introduce an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for a feature-length movie he states will shed light on pedophiles operating in the entertainment industry. Since Thursday night, Feldman has raised $ 185,000 of his “versatile” $ 10 million goal.Feldman’s allegation against Grissom comes in the middle of a slew of unwanted sexual advances allegations against Hollywood heavyweights that started with Miramax co-founder Harvey Weinstein. Allegations have because been made versus Oscar winners such as Kevin Spacey and Dustin Hoffman.

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