Outrage After ‘I’m A Star’ Viewer Spots ‘Strange Blunder’ In Last Night’s...

Outrage After ‘I’m A Star’ Viewer Spots ‘Strange Blunder’ In Last Night’s Episode


Last night the country tuned into ITV to see the return of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! and they were definitely in for a treat.

Credit: ITV I’m A Star As always, the program started with the stars being familiar with each other, and after that making their method into the jungle.One group made their entryway by jumping from a helicopter, while the other had to ‘walk the slab’ off the edge of one of Gold Coast’s high-rise buildings.

Jack not having the ability to stroll over the structure whilst Toff provided support was probably among the very best parts of the very first episode, however could the scene have all have been fabricated?

Well, according to the internet, it may have been. Examine it out for yourself once again here:

Credit: ITV I’m A Celebrity

In the footage, a woman is seen strolling below the stars who were allegedly ‘334 feet in the air’. However, the scale and perspective all looks a bit off.Illuminati verified?! Facebook user Tom&Smith published about the clip, and now lots of people have commented on the picture attempting to work out whether it’s genuine Credit: Tom Smith Facebook/ ITV I’m A Celebrity

Tom captioned the screenshot:” Bottom left that female’s rather

large considering she’s 320 plus foot lower than the celebs !!!”Since it was published the picture has gone viral, with countless I’m

A Celeb fans sharing and liking the odd image.One user wrote: “No way that can’t be real. there not even high up … that’s just destroyed how funny Jamie

was last night now [sic]” Credit: I’m A Celeb/Instagram Another commented:”I reckon they do it but it’s no where near as

high as we believe …”While it might just

be an video editing error, viewers seem furious with the show and some believe that they’ve been’lied

to’about how high the difficulty really is. Could Ant and Dec rest on a throne of lies? Featured Image Credit: Tom Smith Facebook/ ITV I’m A Celeb