Hollywood elites "eat whole babies for Christmas" according to Jim Carrey, who warns parents to watch their children at this time of year.

Hollywood elites “consume whole children for Christmas”

according to Jim Carrey, who alerts”dark forces”are”participated in a battle for America’s soul”, and the result of this battle will have”lasting effects for the entire world.””These kids are fattened up for the Christmas table like geese and turkeys, other than the animals don’t go through the ritual abuse, the mental torture that these kids are required to suffer.“

These individuals think the more the kid has actually suffered, the much better it tastes. They think the negative emotions surging through the kid’s body, the adrenaline and hatred, will provide them special powers. It’s a Hollywood thing influenced by old-fashioned Satanism.

Speaking at a post-screening Q&A for documentary Jim & & Andy: The Great Beyond in New York, Carrey stated that Christmas and New Year are a time of year he fears, because of the “dark energy pulsating around Tinsel Town” and his understanding of “what goes on behind the closed doors of the elite at this time of year.

Luciferians in Hollywood turn Christmas into the darkest celebration of the year,” Carrey stated, before discussing “there is a reason people worldwide feel a heaviness at this time of year.

Institutional oppression and Satanism await the air while we are all forced to use smiles and disregard the gut feeling that is not well.”

Ever notice how all the homeless children you see throughout the year begin to dissapear at Xmas? You think it’s since they’ve discovered a house, discovered shelter, discovered love and heat?

Christmas time is Hellish slaughter time. They are figured out to pervert the most stunning time of the year into a festival of suffering and blood.”

Jim & & Andy: The Fantastic Beyond charts Jim Carrey’s evolution into cult comic Andy Kaufman for 1999 movie Male on the Moon, an efficiency which saw Carrey maintain the Kaufman’s oddball identity for the duration of the shoot. In New York on Friday, Carrey alerted of the severity of his claims versus Hollywood elite.

The show business is the PR and brainwashing branch of the New World Order, the globalist empire of Lucifarianism,” Carrey said, cautioning. “There will be a strong push to stabilize Satanism in 2018. Great old-fashioned devil worshipping.”