The liberal left has made it abundantly clear over the past few years that transgender people are at the top of their hierarchy of oppression, and must be at all times defended and protected against those who would lash out at them. Women, who used to occupy the top spot, have slipped a bit in the rankings, but are still pretty far up there.

The left has also made it abundantly clear that they vehemently hate President Donald Trump, and will violently lash out against any symbol that reminds them of him, even as they spout off that “love trumps hate” and how peaceful and open-minded towards others they truly are.

So what happens when all of that gets combined, and a trans-woman who happens to lean conservative dons a red Trump Make America Great Again hat and ventures off into the heart of liberaldom — Hollywood, California — as part of a “social experiment”?

BizPac Review has the story.

Blaire White, a conservative transgender YouTube star with hundreds of thousands of fans, went out with her boyfriend Joey. The two put on their MAGA hats and hit the streets of Hollywood to gauge everybody’s reaction, and first they headed to the “gay” part of West Hollywood to see how they would be received.

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Surprisingly — to them — their hats didn’t elicit much of a response at all, save a few awkward stares.

But matters took a decidedly different turn when they later headed over to the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard, only to unknowingly stumble upon an anti-Trump protest already in progress.

The MAGA hat-wearing duo attempted to pose for a selfie with the protesters framed behind them, but at that point one of the protesters snatched Joey’s hat and threw it toward another crowd of protesters in the street.

White rushed over to grab it, but was met by a protester wearing a pink p***y hat who promptly stomped on White’s hand, effectively ripping off one of her nails.

It was only with the help of a police officer at the scene, who immediately stepped in to mediate, that White and her boyfriend were able to get his hat back.

A short time later, after bandaging up her bleeding finger, White attempted to film some final remarks on what had occurred — still wearing her MAGA hat — when a passerby threw a glass of what turned out to be wine into her face before taking off running.

White was obviously quite panicked for a moment, as her eyes were burning and it was initially unclear what sort of liquid had been thrown in her face. Imagine if that had been acid or some other type of dangerous chemical.

The duo decided then that enough was enough and called a halt to their “social experiment,” having discovered firsthand that wearing a MAGA hat in Hollywood can be a dangerous proposition.

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You can watch White’s video right here (the wine-throwing incident happens at 3:27). Caution: Some violence and language.

It is worth noting that White, a rather popular YouTube personality with a large following, has since been demonetized by YouTube after posting the video — seemingly the latest conservative victim of the liberal site’s censorship.

Furthermore, it should be pointed out that even as White checks off two major boxes on the liberal checklist of those who must be defended — transgender and women — she was nevertheless assaulted twice and horribly demeaned by others, simply because of the hat she chose to wear on the streets of Hollywood.

As Louder With Crowder so poignantly summed up, this is the “tolerant” Hollywood left in action. And aren’t they a sight to behold.

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