Getty Watch Juju Shut Young Hollywood Down on Behalf of Amara and Afro-Latinas Everywhere

“You’re not so light brilliant yourself, so why attack her hair?”


schooled on the damage his Afro comments have actually triggered, he continues to take petty little jabs. Fortunate for Amara, she has friends like Juju who will always have her back.

After having an empowering conversation with Amara about their Afro-Latina identity, Juju chooses to host Amara’s hair gallery display. The event will lastly give her an opportunity to silence her haters and verify that she can rock any hair design and still feel positive in her skin. At the event, Young Hollywood when again cannot accept responsibility for how he made Amara feel, and Juju has actually had simply about enough of it. “She came to you since she heard you were a good producer and the first thing you do is judge her on her appearance … you’re not so light intense yourself.”

Young Hollywood is surprised by how difficult Juju checking him. He’s likewise uncertain why this still remains a problem, considering that he attempted to apologize previously. After being schooled Juju, he leaves feeling defeated. Juju– 1, Young Hollywood– 0