Aaron Sorkin Lends Help to Diversify Hollywood’s Writers Rooms

Aaron Sorkin Lends Help to Diversify Hollywood’s Writers Rooms


Aaron Sorkin had some burning concerns about the lack of diversity in authors’ rooms– an issue that he obviously didn’t know much about up until he went to the Writers Guild Festival on Saturday inside the Pickford Center for Movie Study in Hollywood

“Are you saying that ladies and minorities have a more tough time getting their stuff checked out than white males and you’re also stating that [white guys] get to make mediocre films and can continue on?” he asked the audience.The weekend-long festival

, hosted in collaboration with the Academy Education and Nicholl Fellowships Programs, included heading panels with film writer notables including James Gunn (“Guardians of the Galaxy “)and sneak peek screenings of Starz’s”American Gods”and Fox’s “Shots Fired,”as well as a pitch competition and industry networking opportunities. Sorkin, Academy-Award winning film writer and executive

manufacturer (“The West Wing,””The Newsroom,””A Few Excellent Guy”)remained in shock at the occasion during a discussion moderated by KCRW host and movie criticElvis Mitchell. Sorkin asserted that Hollywood is an authentic meritocracy and that he was uninformed of Hollywood’s existing diversity issue.

“You may be confusing meritocracy with meretricious, occurs all the time,” Mitchell teased.Sorkin tried his best to

focus on other unrelated questions from audience members, but was itching to get more information about the challenges many female and minorities deal with in regard to accessibility and opportunities.” You ‘re stating that if you are a lady or an individual

of color, you need to hit it from the park in order to get another opportunity?”Sorkin posed.Upon noting ladies and minority authors who are actively shifting thisparadigm, Sorkin indicated a handful of those who had produced work in recent years, consisting of Lena Dunham, Ava Duvernay, and Jordan Peele. Really bothered by his lack of awareness, he continued to ask away and ultimately offered support.”What can I do [to help]” Sorkin stated.” I do want to comprehend what someone like me can do … but my thing has actually always been:’If you write it, they will come. ‘”