The Story of Adorable Ex-Eagle Jon Dorenbos Is Visited Hollywood

A forthcoming motion picture will tell the long snapper’s extraordinary tale, from the terrible murder of his mother to the trade that saved his life.We have actually got Invincible, Silver Linings Playbook, The Trash Picking Basket Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon (an individual fave), and now “the untitled Jon Dorenbos story” is set to join the canon of movies produced about the Philadelphia Eagles. How many films focus on the New England Patriots, once again? That’s right, zero.With the Eagles

having actually dispatched those cheating Pats in thrilling style in Super Bowl LII, Hollywood producer/director and Philly native Mike Tollin (University Blues, Coach Carter, Summer Catch) tells Deadline that he’s fast-tracking a biopic of the former Birds long snapper. If you’re unknown with Dorenbos’ rollercoaster life story, you require to take a look at this clip from HBO’s Real Sports:

Unconvinced Dorenbos deserves to be immortalized on celluloid? How about his latest obstruction– finding that he needed emergency open-heart surgery after being traded from the Eagles to the New Orleans Saints this previous fall. The magic-loving UTEP graduate states the trade from Philly was at first very difficult for him, however it eventually conserved his life.While Dorenbos stays the leader in many video games played in midnight green, he was not a member of the Super Bowl team. That’s simply fine, because owner Jeffrey Lurie has mandated that “The Magic Guy” will get a ring anyways for his contributions to the group. And now he gets to be the subject of a big-budget movie from a major studio, too.Tollin– who struck up a friendship with Dorenbos over the years– says he’s in the procedure of employing an author to pen the screenplay that he will quickly produce. Only one significant concern now remains: Who gets to play Jon?You Might Also Like Amazon Whisperer Scott Galloway States Philly Has a Shot at HQ2

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