Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards was all that Hollywood has actually become about in their post-Hillary season of discontent.Scads of rich self-important, blathering reprobates all resplendent in their ANTIFA black and unifying behind the crusade against sexual harassment(translation: the war on men) as they mobilize to avenge the sensational loss of their champion Hillary.What decreased at the trendy Beverly Hills Hilton

need to be an ominous sign for the Democratic party which seems losing Hollywood as the celebrities have actually become so conceited and superior to everyone else in America, that they are about to go it alone.And Oprah Winfrey will be their brand-new Champion.The gazillionaire talk reveal queen who commands a large home entertainment empire gave a rousing speech, railing versus the disliked patriarchy and pledging that “a new day is coming”for this faction of the left.Winfrey’s stemwinder effectively melded racial bitterness along with slash and burn attacks on men camouflaged as a war on sexual harassment, however make no error.

The celebrities are ready to take their countless social networks fans and go it alone as a political entity.It was the night that #MeToo formally became #FuckTrump because that is exactly what all of this horseshit has actually ALWAYS been about– the poor shattered egos and vulnerable sensations of the Star-Bellied Sneetches on the left coast who were deprived of their black gown parties at the Hillary White Home. Anybody who thinks otherwise is a shmuck of a liberal, however I duplicate myself.Hollywood covered Weinstein’s abuse for years, but Oprah zeroed in on who’s truly responsible.White individuals and Trump.https:// Orp6zgTyDe– Paul Joseph Watson(@PrisonPlanet) January 8, 2018 Nothing was more inspirational when the Queen of Tinseltown Meryl Streep herself bestowed the honor upon Ms. Winfrey to lead the movement and to avenge Hillary.STREEP: WANT WINFREY TO RUN. NOW SHE HAS NO CHOICE …!.?.!— DRUDGE REPORT(@DRUDGE_REPORT) January 8, 2018 Via the Washington Post”Meryl Streep just endorsed an Oprah Winfrey presidential run “: In the couple of minutes between, she not only brought the room to a roar but fired up speculation she might challenge the Republican president in 2020. On social media

and at the celebrations that followed at the Beverly Hilton where the Golden Globes take location– tossed by Netflix, Fox and others commemorating their nominees– the subject hung

heavy in the air. Talk that Winfrey might beat President Trump or another Republican candidate was countered by the argument that such hopes were premature and neglected Winfrey’s absence of political experience. For each 5 individuals delighted about the concept, there was dependably one who dismissed it as Hollywood-liberal fantasy.One of the night’s most popular guests, however, was on board.”She released a rocket tonight. I want her to run for president,”Streep informed the Post from the ballroom right after the show ended.”I don’t think she had any intention [of stating] And now she does not have an option.”Like many incipient governmental runs, there has actually been little indicator of interest from the prospective candidate herself. There may not require to be– at least not evaluating by the oratory. Winfrey’s speech had a stump-like quality, making raves for its inspirational tone, its mindful balance of deep scars of racial and gender injustice with an optimism that they could be healed. “To say how we experience pity,”Winfrey stated, explaining her viewpoint in dealing with home entertainment projects, “how we love and how

we rage, how we stop working, how we pull away, stand firm and how we get rid of.” Streep brings more influence than possibly any feminist in America regardless of years of disregarding on the predatory monster Harvey Weinstein who she as soon as referred to as”

God” and her appreciation for unclean pederast Roman Polanski but oh lordy does she hate Trump which is all that matters.The Democrats are NEVER going to capitulate to the star snobs by running Oprah. There are a lot of within the celebration who have their eye on the reward and groveling for dollars to be with all the upper class does not translate into a desire to hand the keys of their political party to them.Winfrey’s speech is being hailed by the media as a mix between Martin Luther King Jr’s”I Have a Dream”address and Jesus Christ’s”Preaching on the Mount “today however in the end, it is going to be simply more hot air.Let them split off and run Oprah, they won’t be

drawing votes from Republicans, conservatives or Americans who have had enough of these egomaniacal bloviating hypocrites– they will be pilfering votes from the Democrats.Wouldn’t it be ironic if last night’s statement of Hollywood self-reliance is exactly what gets Trump reelected?Maybe then the holier than thou swine will stop squealing.