Why Hollywood won’t cast Taylor Lautner any longer

Taylor Lautner was poised to be the next big thing when The Golden Legend was at its peak … then he simply wasn’t. What went wrong?Twilight hype passed away Getty Images Lautner’s Twilight co-stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were creative

with their professions. While still connected to the franchise, they both starred in other films, like Adventureland(2009)and Water For Elephants(2011). As a result, the duo had an easier time transitioning to other functions post-Twilight. Lautner, however, had only a bit part in Valentine’s Day(2010)totide him over until the franchise was over. A source informed The Hollywood Reporter,”It’s not easy to vacate the shadow of a hit like Twilight. However he’s still very young. There’s time for Taylor tobecome more than just Jacob. “Sadly, it may be too late now for Lautner to get away the shadow of the supernatural drama.His first star lorry bombed

Lautner was the marquee name in 2011’s Abduction, however the movie didn’t succeed at all. The movie was seriously panned, making a measly Metascore of 25, and it just scored a 4 percentonRotten Tomatoes. That wouldn’t be so bad if the box workplace numbers were much better, but the flick made only $28 million locally, not even breaking even on its $35 million budget plan.

An agent informed The Hollywood Press reporter,”His first movie just wasn’t really excellent, and it didn’t justify exactly what he was asking for at the time.” And on that note …

His acting has actually left much to be desired

< img src= data-slide-url= data-post-id=14377 data-slide-title=" Why Hollywood will not cast Taylor Lautner anymore: His performing has actually left much to be wanted" width=780 height =439 alt title =” His performing has actually left much to be wanted “> For most stars

, acting requires emoting, not simply the elimination of one’s t-shirt. When Lautner was expected to do the former, well, it didn’t review so well. The reviews for Abduction didn’t speak highly of Lautner’s ability(or do not have thereof).< a href= target =_ blank > Movieline’s Alison Wilmore wrote,”This may be the first film I’ve ever seen where when an actor goes to put his hand thoughtfully on his chin, it’s so uncomfortable I became afraid he ‘d somehow miss out on and poke himself in the eye. ” The Village Voice said Lautner”looks like a complete stranger in his own efficiency.” Abduction’s lightweight story wouldn’t have actually weighed so greatly on Lautner’s resume if his performance wasn’t so clearly part of the problem.

He’s too costly

Getty Images Studios just don’t believe Lautner is worth the loan he believes he deserves, and they may be right. A source told Vulture that Lautner’s skill company did” a fantastic task of persuading Hollywood that he’s the next big movie star” however”didn’t convince audiences of the exact same.” Lautner required $5 million for Abduction. When that bombed, studios could not validate the $7.5 million he requested for to star in Stretch Armstrong (yes, that Stretch Armstrong )and the massive $10 million to star in the re-telling of the Biblical David and Goliath. Both movies were shelved indefinitely.

Another source informed Vulture, “I keep in mind when [Universal co-chairman] Donna Langley cast him in Stretch Armstrong, she stated to me, ‘He’s the genuine deal!’ And I thought, Based upon what?! Based upon Twilight!.