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It’s a total attitude that comic Expense Burr just recently touched on.Everyone out here in Hollywood likes to trash Fox News and speak about they’re bullies. The amount of entertainers, comics, actresses– their level of zero tolerance– they’re literally what they’re combating. They’re bullies. They inform me how they’re supposed to think, the method they’re expected to believe, and they feel that they are 100% right.They feel that their view of the world is the manner in which the world need to be, and anybody who doesn’t think that has to be assaulted. Have to be dragged on stage and humiliated. Had to have their ability to make money assaulted. It’s not various that exactly what Fox News did to the Dixie Chicks. It’s the specific very same f *** ing thing. It’s the exact very same level of righteousness, patting themselves on the back about how smart they are and how notified they are. Provide me a f *** ing break.Something to ponder while you’re all enjoying the awards and I’m delighting in the Packers video game instead.Just kidding, I know you’re not watching the awards!Until Hollywood and their

political elitist compadres determine America doesn’t like being condescended to, the culture wars will continue. Spoiler alert: the audience actually has all the cash, and if the audience doesn’t fund Hollywood … * threatening music *