Mark Hamill is finally getting his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.The ” Star Wars” actor validated the news on Twitter Thursday, as well as took exactly what seemed a chance at President

Donald Trump: Cannot say this is a dream come real since I was never silly enough to believe something like this could ever occur. When part of me questions I deserve such an honor, I advise myself that someone got a “Star” for just one bad truth program. #BeyondGr 8ful!.?.!— Mark Hamill(@HamillHimself) February 22, 2018″Cannot state this is a dream become a reality because I was never ever silly enough to believe something like this might ever take place,”wrote Hamill. “When part of me doubts I should have such an honor, I advise myself that somebody got a’Star’for simply one bad reality program,”he added.Hamill did not point out Trump by name, but a number of the star’s fans check out in between the lines:– Webberino( @WebbH62 ) February 22, 2018 What? You do not have one but

Trump does?– MyrnaF(@MyrnaFM13 ) February 22, 2018 The main event for Hamill’s star will

occur on Mar. 8, inning accordance with Variety magazine. “Star Wars”creator George Lucas and Hamill’s costar, Harrison Ford, will help in hosting the event.Hamill’s fans were thrilled at his accolade: Well deserved my buddy! Congrats to you and the family(cause lord understands our families are a part of EVERY honor for what they need to put up with right?)– Drew Powell( @thedrewpowell) February 22, 2018– Lorraine #thislove (@lainy1877) February 22, 2018 You deserve this more than anyone, you influence individuals, offer

intend to us who feel like hope is lost! I’m so beyond proud of everything you do– Jarah Spence(@jmalec3693) February 22, 2018 awww mark! we’re all so proud of you, it’s what you are worthy of ❤ ❤– # 1 carrie fisher and ahsoka hoe( @leiahsoka)< a href =""> February 22, 2018