Absolutely nothing highlights the silly in liberals like a mass shooting. Following the Florida school shooting recently, it’s been a relentless liberal BS-fest concerning guns, rights, and almost everything else. A celeb attorney is now promoting the lie that you can purchase a gun practically anywhere in the United States without revealing ID while at the very same time ID is required by everybody to vote. None of this holds true, but why would a legal representative be worried about facts?Areva Martin

< a href= target=_ blank rel=noopener > calls herself, “America’s go-to specialist, host, author and commentator on engaging legal, political, females’s, children’s and celeb concerns.” She is a regular factor on CNN, so you understand she’s got significant trustworthiness issues.As for being our

nation’s”go-to expert “on legal matters, examine this out:

As you can see by Martin’s dueling maps, she’s claiming that the only states that require ID to purchase a weapon are: Hawaii, California, Colorado, Illinois, New York City, Maryland, Delaware, and Connecticut, while ID is needed to enact all 50 states. Let’s fact-check that, shall we?Considering that it is federal law that any individual acquiring a firearm from a certified dealer need to pass a background check it is precise to say that ID is needed to purchase a gun in every state. There are no states that have unique laws permitting licensed offers to by-pass federal law and sell guns to random strangers, so that first map ought to be all red.As for having to show ID to vote, just Kansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Virginia have photo ID requirements to vote. Arizona and Ohio have non-photo ID requirements. That implies that 41 states have no voter ID laws at all. The second map should be primarily gray.As someone who resides in California and who votes, I can say without concern that I have actually never ever as soon as been asked to show who I am prior to casting a tally. On Martin’s map she reveals California as one of the states where ID is needed to vote. This is merely not true. I decrease to the polling station, they ask my name, then hand me a ballot.On Martin’s map she also reveals Virginia as being a state where no ID is needed to purchase a weapon.

As somebody who has in fact purchased guns in Virginia( years ago )I can honestly say that this too is bullshit. I needed to show my valid ID and pass a background check prior to I was permitted to buy a weapon on a number of celebration and at various gun dealers.Let’s bear in mind that Areva Martin is an attorney and she’s spreading out these lies about the law. She’s either willfully lying or blissfully ignorant

, but either of these things point to pure incompetence. Whatever law school she went to need to be demanded educational malpractice.If Martin truly wishes to make some voting and weapon maps, she must do a map for locations where illegal aliens can vote and another for locations that deny obedient citizens their Constitutional right to keep an bear arms. Those maps would equal, BTW, simply revealing the states where liberals are in charge like California, New York, Illinois, and so on. What any black needs to say is meaningless to me. Let them accelerate their self-genocide through abortion and black-on-black murder. Blacks are worthless parasites as far as I’m concerned.Hold on, the last couple elections I

voted in Ct and I HAD to reveal my ID!! I have no idea WHAT they’re discussing? And I VIEWED to make SURE they asked”every” voter!You keep them on their toes brohamster!You got

it there BROlon Labe!That’s the best ever. I never considered that a person. You win

  • !!! If this idiot believes California Democrats are asking illegals for ID’s she’s got puddy for a brain. And when they do request ID it was most likely fraudulently acquired as

    • the State Senate leader(Mitch McConnell’s comparable in the Ca legislature) said just recently about

      • his own illegal relatives.So you imply I didn’t need to reveal my ID when I bought my guns here in Alabama? Well shit

  • … I understood those certified dealerships were a little shady.She reminds me of some man who claimed to be a constitutional attorney but the name slips my mind right now due to the fact that he was such and insignificant person in history.Uhhhh barry something or other wasnt it? 28 individuals shot in Chitown this weekend, 6 dead. Where’s the outrage??? Yeah where’s the”naacp”and the

  • “cbc?” You would BELIEVE they ‘d be SHRIEKING “BIGOTRY “… … … … Oh hail noh brobi wan kenobe! It’s all black on black shootings. That’s why the percentage of casualties is so low. They only get distressed when its the poh-poh doin ‘the killin’ MSM doesn’t appreciate problems concerning libtard zones. Liberals just need blacks for votes, they don’t actually care.Oklahoma requires picture ID to vote and

    • to acquire guns.Nothing is beyond affordable to the left when it

  • comes to pressing the progressive agenda. No lie is too huge to tell.I’m never ever become aware of anybody be

    on the by a weapon without an ID Not real in Calif. I bought a shotgun at Xmas time sale here. The paper work, gun user test and background check was an expense and pain in the ass. These extra expenses and fees included a 1/3 increase in rate. It was almost like the State wanted to sniff my stool in my poop chute before enabling me my Constitutional right