On Monday’s episode of The View, new co-host Meghan McCain castigated Hollywood stars for their unwillingness to discuss Harvey Weinstein:

More stars have thanked Harvey Weinstein than God, according to a research study by Georgia Institute of Innovation. Let me tell you something, I worked at Fox for the previous 3 and a half years prior to I came here. I could not go and get a bagel without somebody talking to me about sexual harassment. Individuals were extremely harsh, saying: “How could you still work there? How could you put yourself through this?” I do not understand why the very same standard isn’t being set to stars in Hollywood and actresses in Hollywood that in some way deal with him.I’m stunned Jennifer Lawrence hasn’t said anything. She thanked him during her 2013 Golden Globes speech: “Harvey, thank you for killing whoever you needed to kill to obtain me up here today.” He’s an extremely powerful man; there are allegedly reports all over all over Hollywood. SNL not making a joke about it.Whoopi Goldberg inserted:

Let’s be reasonable. Let’s

begin with … this took place Thursday night, so it’s Monday morning. So, if we don’t hear anything else in the next day or more, I think I would be surprised. I think individuals are assessing, you know? Exactly what did I know, and did I understand it? Did I look the other way?After some

backward and forward, McCain stated:

I read Rose McGowan’s Twitter, and she’s plainly a lady that’s traumatized from her experience with him, and I feel extremely bad for her due to the fact that she seems really alone and she’s really reaching out, asking females to come forth, and there are a great deal of crickets best now.And let me inform you, the media’s more than delighted to dance on the tomb of Bill O’Reilly and all the other sexual harassers in conservative media. I do not comprehend why the exact same requirements [aren’t set] in Hollywood.Both Goldberg and co-host Pleasure Behar said:”Offer it a minute.”