HOLLYWOOD, CA– A panel of Hollywood elites issued a statement Tuesday assuring the American public that the show business will continue claiming that conservatives are the ones who hate ladies, in spite of its own popular, far-left members presently being involved in numerous sexual scandals versus females which appear to penetrate industry-wide.

While numerous have actually grown concerned that liberal celebrities would lose the moral high ground in the middle of the ongoing sexual attack and harassment scandals rocking the industry, a group of Hollywood producers, directors, and stars with confidence validated they would continue to virtue signal and embarassment anyone who disagrees with them.

“Don’t fret– the second the Weinstein scandal fades from the news cycle, it’ll be service as typical here in Tinseltown,” Matt Damon informed reporters, speaking on behalf of the industry. “We intend on striking Republican politicians, the religious right, and conservatives as difficult as ever, in spite of our apparent hypocrisy.”

“This whole Weinstein organisation hasn’t slowed us down one bit,” Ben Affleck, speaking along with Damon, assured the public.They even more

relayed Hollywood’s strategies to keep on using language like “anti-women,””sexist,””the war on women,” and “the ideal dislikes females,” when describing social conservatives’ varying opinions on abortion and health care, despite the current discovery that rich, effective, vocally liberal members in the upper tiers of Hollywood culture have actually been objectifying, paying off, blackmailing, and attacking ladies for years with extensive complicity in the industry, while at the very same time painting themselves as champions of women’s rights, sources validated.