RACER’s Equipment Vendors Drag Week Powered by Dodge differs from anything else in the world, and each year it continues to prove it by drawing in racers from across the world. Canadians, Australians, Swedes, Norwegians and Finns continue to ship vehicles to the U.S.A for this insane event to do nothing more than show they have among the baddest street cars and trucks on earth.

This big, rare Plymouth lifts the wheels on its way to a high 7 second pass
This big, uncommon Plymouth lifts the wheels on its method to a high 7 2nd pass In 2017 a new group of Finns, Janne”B1″ Uskali and Jyrki Aukio, are bringing a cars and truck over to compete in the Ultimate Iron category. After their pal Kimmo Nevalainen, with his 1965 Corvette, came over in 2015, Janne and his good friend Niklas Wasstrom came by in 2016 and followed Drag Week in a rental automobile. The twin turbo, big-block Mopar that propels Jyrki’s heavy Plymouth.During the journey they indulged
themselves in many beers, while doing so they started to consider the concept of coming to Drag Week

in 2017. Not having something that would can enduring the trek they believed to bring something else.Jyrki and his pal Jussi Lahti own a 1967 Plymouth VIP(an upscale version of the Fury ), an all-steel back-half cars and truck with a twin-turbo, big-block Mopar. This was the first Finnish-registered street automobile to run a 7 2nd quarter-mile. Jyrki constantly had the imagine bringing the vehicle to the USA– and like other gasoline-fueled Finns, likes Drag Week.A month after Drag Week, Janne got a telephone call asking if he wants to drive the VIP in 2017, considering that Jyrki had a bad back and might only co-pilot.

With the apparent answer being”yes,”the ball was set in movement, and the big Plymouth was on course to be prepped and delivered to the US, and a group was assembled.Drag Week cars are no stranger to hauling small trailers, but this might be extreme.

Drag Week cars and trucks are no stranger to hauling little trailers, however this might be extreme.The automobile is being gone through and made ready for the agonizing 1,000+ miles in a foreign country. The 540ci Mopar is getting restored in addition to a brand-new rear-end, new paint and a bunch of loan to obtain the cars and truck shipped throughout the pond in time.The VIP group is

intending to finish the week primarily; however they also wish to break the Finnish record for North America, which was set by Jari Panuma in Orlando in 1995. They would love to be a tenth much faster than their Swedish friends in the Norrlands Ascona and most importantly have a good time meeting all the other gear heads that are insane enough to try Drag Week. < img alt =" Being safe is concern number one, but having space to get comfy on the 1,000 + miles is also essential. Here Janne checks to make sure he suits the tube work of the big Plymouth.

” height=361 src=×372.jpg width=640 > Being safe is concern primary, but having area to get comfortable on the 1,000 + miles is also essential. Here Janne checks to make sure he fits in the tube work of the big Plymouth.They also have a really active Facebook page where they upload photos, videos and a great deal of Live-video materials in both English and Finnish. Please examine it out:

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